[BUG LOGGED] "Legacy" mode when interacting with cockpit instruments/switches got nerfed


So I have these annoying blue boxes when I try and turn or press any button. I then find it under some accessory menu, so turn it back to Legacy, but Now I can’t hide my Yoke, I can’t turn my IRS on in the 747, what has happened?

Voted! Instead of adding stuff/options like that they should add more realism as to unlock updraft/downdraft/convective winds limitation, at my place it’s full of CB in real as it shows in the game and it feels like flying on the rails like back in the days FS2002 …
After this sim update still no danger in our skies, what the h… ?!

Also can’t get rid of the white arrow toolbar by the way, never happened on my side.


Actually, I managed to fix my issues with this lock mode!

  1. General Options → Accessibility → Cockpit interaction system → Legacy.
  2. General Options → Developers → Turn On.
  3. Klick on “SDK Updates” in the top right corner → download the latest update → shut down Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 → install the software → start Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 again.
  4. Problem fixed!

About to try VV’s approach, but for me the thing is ridiculous, in the TBM running the legacy mode locks the throttle into shut off mode, so the plane is unflyable. I’ll never understand why developers don’t think to add the ability to have a previous functioning system as an option, even just to see if the new idea “takes” I mean if an idea is great then the vast majority will take it up anyway, but if it stinks at least you get to continue as before. Also the new lock mode should be permanently selectable as on or off, not a default setting, having to keep changing it to legacy is a nuisance.

The new method also feels quite arcadey, and i would rather have the more toned down realistic method of before. The new tool-tips on legacy are huge compared to the previous.

I would like Legacy option to be a true legacy option.

Why are Asobo making changes where it is not necessary? and if they do, make it optional without removing the proper functioning previous UI.


Hi everyone,
I always used to have the tool tip on to highlight what buttons i was looking at (mostly as i am learning and also to help understand which were INOP).

However, since the patch I have noticed that the symbology is not only much more intrusive and obstructive than before, but that it is also causes a bit of stutter with the mouse interaction (not so much lag as its constantly trying to pop one thing or another up and its tripping itself up).

In addition, there are large blue arrows added for reasons i am not certain, its like the checklist is on (it isnt)?

PLEASE can MSFS20 revert back to the original (pre SU5) version of tool tips. The current one is unessisarily intrusive and obstructive and there is/was no need for this change.

I have attached an image to show what I mean, sadly I don’t have a pic of the older tips pop ups as when something is working you don’t expect someone to break it by ‘improving’ something that wasn’t defective in the first place?

Am I the only one with this issue or do others have the same issue and agree the old version was better?

See attached image.

I mean come on, the pop up is obscuring the very button I am trying to interrigate for goodness sake! Thats to say nothing of the random stupid blue direction marker tell me where the button is I am already hovering my mouse over to highlight a pop up.

*I would like to state that I am redacting what I have said above. I am not going to delete it (unless a mod wants to) but I WAS WRONG - there are some (small bugs) with the ingame cockpit UI, but much is fixable/workround able and I owe ASOBO an apology. I have looked at fixes and work arounds for all the issues I had and if you need help configuring the game to something more like SU4 cockpit UI please see the following thread/topic: Some 'work arounds' regarding UI issues and some pragmatic suggestions for Asobo for improvement *


Yeah I’m with you there

We should try to combine all the topics concerning the tool tip issue. This way we don’t have the votes scattered around the forum


Hear, hear. The legacy readouts are beyond useless. The label covers whole panels. Try switching TCAS from TA to TARA you can’t even see what you’re doing. :pensive:


EXACTLY! So glad someone got a screenshot! Well done.

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The whole UI has become like that. Can’t press enter to select, ESC functions intermittently. I mean, what’s wrong with these guys. They’ve done such a great job with the performance and gone and broken what was working well. In short they’ve fixed what was broken and broken what was fixed 🤦


I turned off the new lock mode. It gets in the way. I went to legacy and now, the tooltip doesn’t show data like what % something is currently at. Or if I click on FLC and click on Page Up/Down it doesn’t show me the current value. And then the blue popup thing that comes up gets in the way of things.

They need to change legacy mode to really show things how it used to pre-SU5.


Anyone else having problems with freelook pan in cockpit mode with Legacy activated? The flight controls simply don’t work when you pan the cockpit camera by holding down RMB.

Only affects cockpit camera, not external. What a mess.


Yep, I’ve the same problem and there is apparently no way to activate the function. I’ve lost one hour trying everything I could imagine and I can not get it to work. Asobo needs to sort this out as well as some other problems with the controls right now. I believe their intention was good, but all the colors and effects introduced by the new mode are a bit “childish” for those of us on PC and the Legacy mode is broken. I hope they find a way to make both Xbox and PC users happy.


Let’s vote this topic, folks. I don’t care if the new default is now Fisher Price console look, but the legacy mode should be EXACTLY what it was pre Sim Update 5. That is, small tooltips with instrument values (on, off, %, etc.) and also, PLEASE an option to hide the “checklist eye”.

I have been playing this sim (and previous versions of Flight Simulator) for years, I certainly don’t need an eye with an arrow to remind me where my frickin’ landing lights are.

It’s crazy because probably the one and only thing NOBODY was complaining about - the tooltips - was one of the things Asobo felt the need to fiddle with. I understand the need for interface changes to cater to controller-only users, but what about a global option asking you what platform you’re on instead of forcing this stuff on all of us?


Couldn’t say it better myself.

Catering and handholding of console users damaged many if not most aspects of this sim


I switched over to ‘legacy’ as well but I’m also missing the old tooltips. It was very handy for setting barometric pressure without having to zoom right into the dial for example.


im waiting for: “but its more realistic” replies :smiley:

I certainly agree with all the posts. You have stated closely to what I have surmised. In an attempt to appeal to a larger audience ASOBO has dumbed down their simulation. Instead of it posing an aspiring challenge as RW flying is, they have made it into a toy for gamers who want to “pretend” they are pilots while zooming around all the “pretty” eye candy. I can’t believe I spent over 2 hours downloading and installing “points of interest”. What does that have to do with improving the realism? The draw to this simulator was the promise of greater atmospheric realism along with actual satellite imagery (think Google Earth). And we have patiently waited as you tackled issues that we have made known to you. But suddenly with the advent of X-box, you seemingly have abandoned your sophisticated customer base in an attempt to appeal to the unmotivated low-achiever entertainment seeking crowd. What seemed, a day or so ago, to be evolving into a very promising training tool to introduce and inspire a new generation of potential aviators has now degenerated into a simplified video game!, complete with gamer bells and whistles and pretty eye-candy. This is indeed disappointing.


Same issues here! In regards to the Garmin GPS system or some Autopilots, some knobs act as both a dial and a push button. For instance, if I want to create a flight plan with the Garmin GPS, you click FPL and PUSH in on the dial to enable the internal function of the GPS where you can select (123, ABC) etc, and enter in whatever airport you want. Well, now I can’t do any of that because the PUSH feature within the dial doesn’t work. The same thing applies to the autopilot of the A320 when selecting altitudes and vertical speed. It seems as though they have catered to Xbox players so much for this launch because of the huge profit, that it’s dumbed down and a lot of features don’t work anymore on PC.


Also insane how much they just broke general mouse interaction like right-clicking to look around the cockpit free-look mode. Now, when I right-click, about half of the time the mouse cursor doesn’t return to being visible, and really frequently, the mouse cursor will “jump” or reset to the top left corner of the screen, or appear at my secondary monitor… it’s completely broken and useless.

I can’t for the life of me fathom how almost game-breaking stuff like this slips through QA…