[BUG LOGGED] "Legacy" mode when interacting with cockpit instruments/switches got nerfed

Voted on this.

“Legacy Mode” should mean Legacy Mode, not some hybrid. The all seeing blue eye thing is very very annoying and a bit insulting really. We all don’t need to be spoon fed, some folk here have been doing serious flight sims for years. I for one want realism and immersion, not a console hybrid.

Performance increase is great so far, but at what price?


Remove it! Easy…Asobo :innocent:

I have a similar mouse issue. I use Mouse to free look while taxiing with Saitek rudder pedals. Now it will only allow one control at a time, so I can put rudder in then to look around I have to right-click again, which then disables rudder control changes. Not a slick operation at all!

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This may help:

I’m having the same issues you describe. Even in Legacy mode, many of the cockpit switches no longer work with the mouse. In the 787, Landing Light switches don’t work, same for Logo lights , Wing lights, strobe and beacon. De-ice wont switch to Auto anymore, Autobrake switch doesn’t work… Just tons of problems.
The game is virtually unplayable right now. We need some very quick fixes or MS should rollback to the previous version


Does any of this help?

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Exactly! Can’t do a thing with it like this. I’m going to wait till it’s fixed. The stress isn’t worth it.

I really feel that a lot of this extra stuff involving the mouse etc, was put in there to “dumb-down” the sim for the X-Box release. Remember years ago when MS released that sim without cockpits etc just so video gamers could fly around?


Well that was it. update deluxe package in content manager…that did the trick! thank you! But now I wonder why the hell these obviously necessary updates are not included in the main update…instead of having to go digging for them.

With legacy controls the TBM (and probably others) throttle is stuck in feather, since you can’t slide it to the left. Why does Asobo always make 3 steps back for every step forward.


Even worse is how can there be no quality control catching something as basic as that? Literally no one on any test team noted that “Hey, we can’t move this any more”?

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I can without any problems :wink:

How to.

Move throttle up.

Press and HOLD left mouse button + press right mouse button.


Options > control options > mouse
Select default profile > apply and save.

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I thought I was the only one. Can’t get the throttle over to the normal range now.

Read carefully, please :wink:

Every flight in the JF Arrow series required winding of the rudder trim to set values for the climb and cruise, with the mouse overlay of the % of rudder trim critical for getting it right. Without this visible in the new UI, it spoils the experience somewhat. Have upvoted this topic in hope of a fix!


Wretched “improvement” catering to people who should be playing flight games on a phone.


i don’t see what was wrong with the way it was? we need a genuine “legacy” mode.


i completely agree

yes, this is either a terrible decision or poor testing.

MSFS2020, as real as it gets….

Captain: FO, cross check instruments
FO: instruments cross check, no blue