[BUG LOGGED] Losing mouse control on Xbox Series S/X

I have absolutely no doubts that this issue is insanely more recurrent after the most recent AAU 1 - Dec 9th, 2022 - beta release. It happens from the start. During the flight. In the menus. It’s completely random.

Today it happened 4 times. I was only able to complete one flight without issues. Xbox Series X here and a Logitech G305 mouse. Only using the Xbox Wireless Controller 20th Anniversary Special Edition. Nothing more.

The most frustrating/infuriating thing is that now a reboot and a subsequent reload, using the Quick Resume feature, isn’t a workaround anymore. I’m forced to quit Flight Simulator and also restart Xbox. And, even worse, sometimes the mouse is still frozen after this.

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Doesn’t the YouTube workaround fix it still?

What workaround?!

Anyway, today, December 28th, it’s literally impossible to use the mouse on Xbox Series X running the latest Beta release. It works in the splash screen, but after the main menu loads, it’s completely frozen again.

Also, when it works, almost always the cursor will stop moving in the middle of a flight or even when still taxing. It’s way more recurrent than the last time I posted.

Insanely frustrating.

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I’ve had these mouse issues on and off for almost the entire time I’ve been using the Xbox for simming, which is when it first came out for Xbox. I have found a process that works for me every time, to get the mouse back working again. (a pain but it works)

I have a Xbox X, wireless mouse, wireless mini keyboard into controller and Turtle beach V1.

I have noticed for me I only lose the mouse after an Xbox update or a CTD (if I open the sim without doing the following steps the mouse never works) Xbox updates are quite frequent being on the Xbox beta testing ring, CTD’s are better lately.

After every Xbox update or CTD I unplug all peripherals (pull out wireless dongles from USB on Xbox) then go into Xbox settings and devices and pick blu-ray (weird I know) then “clear persistent storage” after this I reboot the Xbox without anything plugged into Xbox USB’s yet.

Once Xbox is powered back up keep all peripherals unplugged and open up the sim, when the main screen pops up plug in just the wireless mouse dongle into USB then turn on the mouse, the mouse always works for me after these steps, then I plug the rest of my peripherals in. I’m sure there are other ways to get it working, this process is what works for me currently.

An even better solution until it gets fixed is to use a plugged in mouse. I have had zero issues with a cable mouse either on the S or the X.

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I have always used a wired mouse but it still persists,bought a new one just in case last year, made no difference for me as it still sporadically occurs.The go to another app like youtube etc etc workaround then straight back to msfs seems to work well for me nowadays .


Does this workaround trigger Quick Resume feature or Flight Simulator stays “alive” in the background?

If it does trigger it, I used to restart Xbox and go back quickly using Quick Resume, but this feature is well known for causing CTDs, unfortunately.

Yes it goes to quick resume in fact had to do it 3 hrs ago after 4 days working correctly,seemed to perform ok?

Tried it one hour ago. Unfortunately, Flight Simulator didn’t survive and exited while was loading Quick Resume. Maybe because I didn’t go to the Microsoft Store home screen between switching to YouTube.

And yes. Microsoft Store home screen. The new Xbox Insider dashboard is, actually, a FORCED annoying mix of Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass. It’s now our personal home desktop anymore.

If you’re referring to closing out the sim when you are done instead of having it quick resume. On the Xbox Home Screen or by pressing the Xbox button on the remote…go to the Flight Sim game itself, hit the start button on your remote and go down to “X Quit”. I do this every time when I’m done because I’ve also had bad experience with quick resume.

As of the last beta update we now have a new mouse issue, the pointer turned into a giant pointer that always remain on screen with no way to get rid of it unless you turn off your mouse. Hope this gets looked at and fixed.

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I just lost mouse function while in world map, can still use scroll to zoom in and out and right button hold to swing the camera in cockpit.

But mouse cursor is permanently stuck on screen so I can’t interact with anything.

I’m on latest beta build.

It’s quite rare this issue happens, annoying when it does.

I’m using a basic Logitech m175 mouse. (Wireless)