[BUG LOGGED] Missing Scenery Tile - no satellite imagery

Same problem in Petropavlovsk (UHPP), Russia.

Because of this issue I cannot use the payware scenery (RUSD - UHPP KAMCHATKA MSFS) for this airport since it has custom CGL overlaid on these tiles, causing the simulator to crash.

Thanks for sharing… I hope this bug is addressed as soon as possible


Reported it to Zendesk two days ago. At least now I know that the problem is not on my end.

I finally have imagery around PATK again after today’s update.

yes, looks horrible and crashes to desktop near SABE airport -close to 7nm- (i have the centralsim addon)

this should be San Isidro´s horse racetrack

Now it´s a green patch

Also the draw distance is very low.

I tried restarting the sim, also turning off/on the online functionality, but there´s no case.


Fixed for me (at least in SAAR) with today’s update.

SAAR is not working for me yet

The issue seems to be related to higher res bing textures, the lower ones loads up fine (the ones seen from afar). Here’s the vid showcasing the problem:

This is the latest version with all the data streaming options set to ON. The area shown here is in proximity of EPPI.

Also logged with zendesk. Here is issue in UK at 54.572744435931355, -3.1512615808743396.

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Not sure if it has just put itself right or fixed due to my zendesk report but I’m happy to report in my example the issue has gone and the tile is now displayed correctly.


I think it was after the Xbox live serves went down and came back the problem is now rectified, all seems fixed flying in South Africa where i also had missing tiles


Affirm … The area east of FACT now back to normal. Happy days … !!

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Same here! The satellite data is back! Thanks to all for the feedback

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I posted a bug fix regarding Hallwell in Devon, and likewise can confirm the satelite data is back there again today too!


Same here in the Czech Republic near Cheb. Just noticed on a flight to Dresden.
Also in Germany - since WU6 - there have been small and large scenery tiles missing all over Southern Bavaria and Austria:

The pics above are between Landeck and the Swiss border in the Inn valley. This are looked perfectly fine before the WU6 update.