[BUG LOGGED] Multiplayer issues (players disappearing or not visible at all)

They should probably start putting some connection quality metric next to the player name in the grey banner. Maybe that’ll help discerning what’s going on (like the game putting people on wrong/bad regional servers when set to Auto).

If I’m following a larger group centered around a streamer, I can typically approach them from far and have them not disappear.

But if I’m trying to chase randoms in the sky, all hell breaks lose. Just now I tailed a guy that disappeared intermittently, just to be able to catch up and get close by the time he’s approaching the runway, just to disappear forever 200ft before touching down.

This is annoying as heck.


Nearby: gone again, back again, gone again, back again …
Far away planes can be seen. Up close it looks like a coincidence, sometimes one, sometimes the other aircraft disappears. It’s annoying


If the cause of the disappearance is too many planes flying in the same airspace, then the priorities are wrong.
Either the planes should be displayed in simple distance order, or the planes flying ahead should be given priority over those flying behind.

Or, if Asobo has some concept of disappearing planes flying ahead, I would like a configuration to disable it.


The best thing about flying, is flying in groups, bunched together, not too close, but close enough to see all the different (or in some cases generic) aircraft and liveries.
This is no longer possible at the moment, a group flight gets stretched over miles and miles, because nobody really knows where everyone else is.
If you watch a group flight on the worldmap, you can see the jumping and vanishing of the green dots too, clearly something suboptimal at the moment.


Having the same problem since SU5… My friend and I used to hop on every other day when we got off work to do some bush flying or formation flying. We haven’t got on for a few weeks together because there just is no point anymore. Really wish this is fixed so we can have our relaxed flying time together.


I will attach a reference video of the phenomenon that the surrounding aircraft disappear irregularly when flying in multiplayer.
(Captured some disappearance patterns, and they are rough due to capacity limitation. )

There may be requirements such as load balancing, but I think that priority should be on nearby aircraft.


I checked past Youtube and found the following.

This problem did not occur until 2021/7/4, and has been occurring since 2021/7/8.
And not only the planes in front of me disappear, but also the planes behind me.
Below 120kts it’s fine, and above 120kts the nearby planes disappear.
It doesn’t matter if the plane is on the ground or in the air, as the nearby planes disappear when the plane exceeds 120 kts during formation takeoff.


Only last few weeks that I’ve noticed this happening. Multiplayers fading out, then returning temporarily. Others report that I’m also fading and reappearing.


Me too.
When i get in the map first time, I can see other players, then few seconds they all disappeared. :frowning:


Thanks, that blew my brains outs through my ear canals lol.


Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.
Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
tested it using both dev mode and normal but made no chages, same results

Brief description of the issue:
As far as I know, the sim should render the closest 30 (I think) aircraft but after SU5 it seems like the aircraft randomly get Thanos Snapped out of existing. here is a formation fight the lead faded out for no determinate reason. I know 100% that it is not friends closing the sim or something like that, they just disappear. Also seen in the example video, the pilot to the right in blue still saw the lead the entire time

once the plane disappears, it will not show up again unless a wait for it to randomly pop up 10s of minutes later (on average) or I switch server regions back and forth.

The type of planes do not have any effect on this issue from what I can tell

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
it happens randomly but
Fly in formation on “all players” multiplayer (possibly in crowded airspace)
Wait, 5-20 minutes

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
5900x, 3090, 32 GB ram,1GB Fiber network (aka not a network issue)

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
Right after SU5

Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?


Yes, this happens often, even when not in close formation.

I think it’s a server capacity issue. I often fly with others that aren’t very close to me and they too disappear sometimes for minutes at a time.

But for formation flying, when you get very close it is normal that the other plane will disappear.

Hopefully some dat that will be changed.


May be related:


Totaly agree with you!!


This is a scene of a T-45 taking off while looking behind it. (8:43 to 9:13)
You can see the planes behind disappear when the speed exceeds 120kts.
Just like the video in No.46, the planes nearby suddenly disappear.
It seems to be related to distance and speed, and not to whether they are in front or behind.


Problem not solved yet


same goes to me… near friends suddenly missing not really near as usual, sometime missing alot…old one is more better after update muliplayer bad for online playing


“Plop” Player 1 gone - “Plop” Player 2 gone - “Plop” Player 1 back - “Plop” Player 3 gone - “Plop” Player 1 gone - “Plop” Player 2 here … and always like that Further…
terrible - absolutely a patch


Sadly, after WU6 - it appears that this is still an issue. Can anyone else confirm?


It’s not distance or speed related. This even happens on the ramp.

We’ve been trying to get a handle on this since June when it first started. It doesn’t correlate to how complex the scenery is, or how many players are around you, or which server you are on.