[BUG LOGGED] Multiplayer Stuttering after world update - Liveries Bug report

We had a group flight with 30+ planes including non-standard planes (e.g. the Piper and the Airbus helicopter), with everybody using standard liveries, and had no stuttering whatsoever.


I really hope it is as simple as that. It seems so.

huge amount of stutters, repeating every second. Also blinking player tags that blink exactly with the stutters…something really wrong here.

Some of us have both…see my continuation of the post, things have greatly improved here for now.

I also found it to be custom liveries causing this issue when everyone is in the same plane. If you have all the paints then no issue, if not then flightsim goes into a loop looking for it which causes the stutter every 1 second. My workaround is to turn off multiplayer and use JoinFS instead for the time being. You wont see labels but you do see the other planes and you can follow them with labels on LNMP

hello i’m struggling about issue this because when i land into the airport then it goes stuttering it feels like crash or something then it continue as normal. if you guys have a issue pls upvote

I get this too. I’m beginning to suspect it’s the aircraft models loading for the ones parked at the airfield, so I’m going to either disable all ground aircraft or change to generic models for my next flight to see if it has any effect.

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there is apparently an issue, since the WU, when in multiplayer, where it possibly takes just one nearby pilot to have a “dodgy” livery and everyone else suffers this stuttering.

Interesting, though I think I had multiplayer off last flight - I’ll check for that too next flight.

I just experienced this and I don’t use multiplayer or AI traffic but I do have ground traffic on. Definitely a new issue since WU4 :roll_eyes:

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It definitely seems worse than ever before. I go from a smooth flight to 10 FPS once it get close to final. Then when I land it’s even worse. I’ll try to remove all liveries.

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I just landed in WMKK, entire flight at cruise was 25-35 FPS, then approach it dropped to 15-20 and then the same on the ground with heavy stuttering

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I don’t have any other traffic at all, but on short final below ~500ft and on ground the framerate noticeable drops.
That’ the worst possible moment since below ~200ft a stutter free simulaten is highly desirable for precise aircraft control.

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I turned ground traffic off and it still happened.

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Are you flying with a custom livery or just one of the defaults?

100% empty community folder.

Default, no custom liveries installed

I’m a bit confused here, I’m sitting a gate at EGLL in a FBW mod, with a BA livery watching about 30 planes all different liveries taking off landing , no stutters , I can pan around the airport, is this multiplayer issue fixed now ???

Does setting the sim to use generic liveries for multiplayer help? Was wondering - There are airports that I have to completely turn multiplayer off just to get started.

Might depend on the definition of stutter as well.

Flying airliners I have my fps locked at 30fps and my PC can usually keep these without problems.

On very short final the fps starts varying between 26 and 30 and as soon as the locked value can’t be maintained, the ultra smooth performance is gone and tiny, but noticeable and immersion breaking stutters happen.