[BUG LOGGED] My Way Achievement does not unlock

Yeah same, I spoke to the user on True Achievements and while they provided some details it seemed to be a completely random try out of 50+ tries that unlocked it for them.


That’s up to 150 hours for a maybe :frowning: Something is up with it for sure.

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Pure insanity lol


Are you guys flying this IFR? You need to talk to ATC yourself. You can’t let the Co-Pilot do it.

If ATC cancel your IFR because of no response then you might as well start over…

I think it also gets borked by handcrafted and/or 3rd party airports.

No VFR map either.

Checklist (minimize once complete, do not close)
ATC - keep open…you need to respond.
Vfr map. Don’t even open it!!!

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Yes most of my attempts were IFR, I have never let co-pilot do it because that turns on auto ATC and that voids the true to life setting. I don’t even have VFR map on my hotbar lol. I’ve left checklist and ATC windows open the entire flights for over 15 flgihts now.

I do not have any third party airports in my game but I do have the standard, deluxe and premium hand crafted ones in my game. Most of my runs were not at these airports though.

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This specific issue may not benefit much from it, but there should definitely 100% be a way to track achievements with more detail, especially the “do X Y and Z ones”.

In a normal game where stuff works as intended, it’s not so much of an issue. You just do X then Y then Z and voilà. But in such a glitchy mess of an over ambitious game, you need to be able to check which one wasn’t properly registered so that you can try again “efficiently” and not fiddle around randomly tying to figure out where it glitched.


Did all of this more than once, still no achievement. This needs added to the bug list.

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Cannot get this to unlock. Now tried multiple combinations of IFR, GPS, gate to gate in the flight plan, all on true to life settings. Nothing working. This achievement is bugged or has a very specific parameter that is not obvious.


The whole game needs to be added to the bug list as it’s a mess. But since the game studio works on a ridiculous method of “if it has enough votes we will look into it” this will not be fixed for a very very long time. So best to move on and forget about it tbh.


It will unlock eventually. forgetting about it lets it be a nice little surprise a few hundred hours later. Mine unlocked months after i completed it.

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What do you mean? Like you know which flight completed it and you did not get credit for months, or it just took months for a flight to finally trigger it?


Everyone: please use the search function. This is especially true for new users as most of these issues have been around since MSFS launch and have already been discovered and discussed ad-nauseum in existing threads.

Achievement guide and discussion - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I have a question about achievement named My Way - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

[EDIT] Changed the second link to point to the correct thread that documents an exact flight that will unlock the achievement. [/EDIT]

IIRC the deal with “My Way” is that you must let the AI copilot taxi to parking and handle shut down after you land. Anyway, read the above threads for the specifics.

Using the AI Co Pilot is no longer an option since the launch of SU5, They tied AI Co Pilot to AI ATC, which breaks the True to life setting. So what was discussed does not resolve the current situation with this achievement.

No one was really responding the to old threads to further progress in this new development, so here we are.


Has anyone actually tried using the old solution under the constraints introduced by SU5? That is, land, change settings to whatever is necessary to enable AI copilot and then let them complete the parking and shut down. That would be what I would suggest.

I have tried it yes, did everything myself until I land, then let co pilot park. It did not work the one time I tried it. But I would be willing to try again.

So just to make sure it is done properly, at which point do you recommend enabling the co pilot? Since it turns on AI ATC, it will cancel out the true to life setting. I am thinking probably once you stop on runway after landing, then taxi just off runway and then turn it on?

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Yes, that is what I would try–or possibly turning it on while still on the runway. BTW, I linked the wrong thread above (which I’ve now updated to the correct link). See this thread for a detailed flight that unlocks this achievement. I flew the exact flight documented in the thread and was successful.

I will try using AI Pilot from runway after landing in a few minutes.

I’ve tried the flight in that thread many times manually. I’ll follow the directions in that thread including the AI Pilot. I know this is the one I’ve done before but I’ll try again.

I’ve tried all of the ones on true achievements as well lol

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Biggest issue is now it changes true to life or “hard” to custom in assistance settings by enabling AI Pilot.

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Good luck & let us know the result. I may that the achievement is totally broken now with the SU5 changes.

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I will, setting up the flight now. People have gotten it after SU5 manually, it’s just figuring out the parking trigger at the end that I think makes it work or not lol.