[BUG LOGGED] PC | Wireframes were forgotten on scenery

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They were removed

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I just used DEV mode to confirm

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as far as I could see there was always a sparkling blue line on the terrain, especially on the slopes. I turned on DEV mode and noticed that the lines that appear are the simulator wireframes which in this example I assume have not been turned off.

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SBGP from DEPP runway 20. Look around at the aircraft at the threshold for takeoff. 08:00 Location time

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Ryzen 5 3600x / RX5700XT / 16G DDR5 3200mhz / SDD

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Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?

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I didn’t send it.

It happens on my system too. Nothing different than your description.


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It is important to remember that the occurrence is more evident when flying and from a distance the lines sparkle more across the scenery.

These tile cracks are most annoying in photogrammetry areas with very high res altitude models, and there especially over lakes and rivers, where the single tiles have altitude steps of up to one meter. When you look at them at a very low angle, you can even see below the terrain surface, and that’s where the light blue color comes from (some lattice is rendered when no terrain is there).

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