[BUG LOGGED] Performance Decrease when Using Pop-Out Panels

I know this may not get a lot of votes because it is narrowing the type of simmer, but some of us are using external monitors & touchscreens in our setups so we want to drag the GPS and MFD displays to separate monitors.

I’m honestly impressed that they have the feature but man that performance hit - I am going from 45fps to 32-35fps once I pop out the MFDs and move them. I tried setting the refresh to LOW but it’s too choppy for my tastes. Left at medium.

It’s such a shame the performance tradeoff is so steep.

Just a performance tip, if you are popping out windows (VFR Map, ATC, etc) they take a HUGE hit on frame rate.

Having the VFR Map on my second monitor is a 20% - 30% drop in frame rate. A quick way to check is to turn on developer mode then at the toolbar @ top, go options, display FPS.

For some, this might make a huge difference.


I’ve noticed that the fame rate in the game is worse when I’m selected on another app like chrome and the framerate on chrome is worse when I’m selected on the game.

Whenever I pop out the PFD to display on my second screen the FPS takes a huge hit. I am taking 25% drop. Without the pop out I usually get about 45 fps. As soon as I pop out my PFD to a separate window my FPS drops to around 32 FPS and I get more stuttering. Some performance tweaking would be greatly appreciated.


Any way around losing 15 FPS if I pop out a screen to put it on a second monitor?


Hey there, I’m experiencing the same issue. Is this a known problem?


You can check the rest of the forums for this, but I believe that’s the way it is: pop- out windows are costly. I switched to using Little Navmap on a second monitor. Better than the VFR map anyway.


Seperate Windows or Tablet apps are always a better option. One of the best examples, already mentioned is LtttleNavMap LNM. It has a lot of depth but does take some effort to master but will not dissapoint. So good work and is freeware.

Okay, thx for your replies. I’m already using LittleNavMap instead of the VFR map.
But I’m also interested in using the pop-out function for the PFD/MFD with my secondary monitor (not my tablet).


Yeah, I have pfd and mfd displays on my touch monitor that I would usually use in combination with air manager , I’m getting about 10-13fps reduction once I pop out the displays to that monitor. Sucks , but it’s the only way to sim once you try it lol.
Once in a while if I’m over a huge city I will lower the instrument refresh rate to low to increase fps but it makes it hard to fly , so I’ll usually just suffer the frame rate hit.


Should be opened in the other forum area that we could vote on it… Same for me :frowning: Want to use PFD+MFD + Touchpanel on 3 separate screens… no chance, only when using Low graphics quality. + the pop out should also contain the buttons and knobs (ideally to choose if you like) to be able to control the PFD/MFD via touchscreen.

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That’s the dream! But I don’t expect that one for a while. I have air manager but I can’t find any simconnect calls to functions of the GPS in the sim so that’s out of the picture for now except for lights and other basic panels.

For the framerate hit - I wonder if they could implement it so that when you pop out a panel, it stops drawing to the panel in the 3D cockpit and/or blanks it out. As I imagine drawing the displays 2x is what is causing the hit

Anyone here still experiencing/have solved the issue with pop-out panels causing a massive FPS drop?

I’ve been having this problem since launch, I’ve only experienced one session where pop-out panels work as intended. Every other time, when I click to pop out panels (ATC, VFR), the game drops from a consistent 40+fps to 8 or less. Closing the window immediately fixes the issue.


I have a RealSimGear 530 and the same issue. Popping out the GNS530 drops FPS by 10-15
Would be good to solve this, the RealSimGear makes it so much more immersive

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Just for my curiosity… the RealSimGear 530 is a dedicated monitor connected via HDMI? If yes, is it connected to your primary GPU? Do you have also a iGPU? Processor integrated Graphics?

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I did some test on the weekend.

One example:

40 FPS standard,
32 FPS pop-out PFD/MFD ,
39 FPS moving the PFD/MFD to a second screen (attached to iGPU)
32 FPS fullscreen PFD/MFD on the second screen
around 24 FPS Moving the PFD/MFD to tablets via Spacedesk

Anyone found anything to achieve a usable framerate? the second screen option would be the best for me… but this 23" second screen does absolutely not fit to my setup. I would like to use either my 2 8" Tablets or 2 monitors 8-10" (which I would have to buy).

Anything over 30 is usable as far as I’m concerned. We’re not talking about a fast paced shooter here.

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Sure, would love to have 30 FPS with Spacedesk… consider also the low graphic settings and using a propellor G3x machine (it was only an example). I can play high-ultra without pop-outs with 27/28 FPS. Fine. If I use my home cockpit (with all the screens attached) with my beloved Longitude it goes down to 15 FPS even with lowered graphic settings but I’m happy do the same test with the Longitude in bad weather… It is more about the relation of FPS per setting - not about the absolute FPS.

It is indeed a seperate hdmi monitor.
I’ve connected it to the main graphics card as I haven’t seen any integrated graphic card slots… if there is one do you think that could help wiyh the FPS?

At least this is what I can see if I move the pop-out from the main monitor to my 2nd monitor which is attached to the iGPU from the processor (at least if I do not use the pop out Full Screen 1920), the FPS is instantly going up again. Unfortunately this does not fit to my setup and I want to have it on another virtual screen (which brings me right to the same FPS problem).