[BUG LOGGED] Problem with satellite image

me and some other people are having problems in the region of brazil with satellite images that are not downloaded. does anyone have any idea what may be happening ???

near SSSS and SBJV airport, south america - Brazil - Santa Catarina.
it is just an example of several regions in the country.

and here the junction

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Hello, thank you for your report!
Indeed, several regions seem impacted by these tiles of missing photogrammetry.

The team is investigating!


In don’t know if it’s related, but I’m experiencing a similar problem in Italy. Precisely in the town of Chiavari, Lavagna and Sestri Levante, near Genova (Liguria region) as you can see in the picture:

I tried to make a manual cache of the region, and I noticed that in the area there aren’t any high quality images (but one month ago the same area was ok).

Thank you!

Similar issue, Satelite Image doesn’t load anymore abbo

ut 10miles south of LFSB, a few days ago everything worked fine in high resulution.

UPDATE: problem seems to be solved at least on my scenery. Not sure what the reason was.

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