[BUG LOGGED] Settings do not stick since SU5

I really would like to know the correct process for removing the sharpen post process, if things get messed up again, I would love to be able to turn it off as I had done previously, personally I think it look so much better with this disabled.

Experiment MMMY
I tried from ULTRA preset (loading the sim) [first photo on every set], changing it to MEDIUM preset, applying and then revert to ULTRA preset [second photo on every set], never touched the UserCfg.opt

(between SS i had to go, that’s why the sun is in a diff position and in this case, after applying the graphics settings, planes dissspeared).

I also tested climbing to 30,000’ and looking at the ground textures, nothing changed between graphic configs.
My sim crashed 2 mins after finished (sigh).

I’m done at this point with FS. The graphics after SU5 in some areas are so bad that I can’t tell Medium from Ultra anymore. Done with testing between the CTD’s. I’ll check back in a few days, weeks or months.

No, I don’t have Orbx London Landmarks, only EGLC. I have to check on this but my impression is, scenery London just degraded.

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Funny, your first set shows the issue, the following two sets do not…

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In his second to fourth pic the roof floats, right?
See: SU5 Airports missing terminal walls/floating roofs - #4 by AtlantaFlyer

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Haha, you are right, totally messed up buildings, did not notice this on the first glance… oh my, what is wrong with this sim, more and more stuff getting discovered…

IMHO, it’s placebo effect. Try to compare config files and you’ll see that no changes before and after.

Placebo? Look at the screens, it is obvious…


Any other locations or does it only affect EGNX?

I made the test at LOWI and Vancouver. I do not see any difference between Ultra after starting the sim and Ultra after going through LOw before.

But what I see is that there is almost no difference between High and Ultra (except the LOD).

I live in Norway, and can tell you that’s not realistic! Far too saturated landscape.

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Very interesting finding friend, thanks for sharing. I’m gonna try this and take before-after screenshots also. Voted!

Hello everyone, thank you for bringing this up!
The issue has been logged.


Was this also logged? : SU5 Airports missing terminal walls/floating roofs - #4 by AtlantaFlyer

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Hello AtlantaFlyer, we are currently going through main bugs introduced in SU5, it will soon be logged.


I have found this same thing when I change from Med to High settings. Must reload Hight settings with each new boot up of the sim.

Edit: Nevermind, apparently it does save my settings (ultra with motion blur off), apparently it was placebo effect, at least for me.

This is being addressed: