[BUG LOGGED] Settings do not stick since SU5

Any other locations or does it only affect EGNX?

I made the test at LOWI and Vancouver. I do not see any difference between Ultra after starting the sim and Ultra after going through LOw before.

But what I see is that there is almost no difference between High and Ultra (except the LOD).

I live in Norway, and can tell you that’s not realistic! Far too saturated landscape.

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Very interesting finding friend, thanks for sharing. I’m gonna try this and take before-after screenshots also. Voted!

Hello everyone, thank you for bringing this up!
The issue has been logged.


Was this also logged? : SU5 Airports missing terminal walls/floating roofs - #4 by AtlantaFlyer

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Hello AtlantaFlyer, we are currently going through main bugs introduced in SU5, it will soon be logged.


I have found this same thing when I change from Med to High settings. Must reload Hight settings with each new boot up of the sim.

Edit: Nevermind, apparently it does save my settings (ultra with motion blur off), apparently it was placebo effect, at least for me.

This is being addressed:





I’m having one of those “wow” moments. I’m looking at the screenshots by @AnkH828072 in the original post and @forzakingfam, and I’m looking at that thinking all that I can see is the “before” shot - I can’t change any settings that seems to give me the after shot at all. That’s when I realise that @AnkH828072 means to change the settings in the flight, and not in the main menu. Here’s a video of that. I load in with Ultra settings first. Look at the buildings on the right. Then I switch to medium settings, apply/save, then immediately change to ultra again and apply/save. Well…you can see the difference for yourself. Nothing I did pre flight could get that view.

I will try to post a comparison flight video later.

What’s really weird is that the config file looks no different before/after. BUT the date/time stamp on the config file DOES change - so the saves etc do work. I will do more analysis of that shortly.

Plus going to check other airports/locatioons.

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Yup. And for all those using custom settings instead of presets and doing some adjustments in the useropt.cfg, this bug ruins everything, because you have either the adjustments in the .cfg but no “ultra” settings or vice versa, as every manipulation in the graphics menue instantly eliminates all .cfg adjustments… really annoying…


After you changed it during flight. Does it stay that way for you in future sessions or do you have to change it every flight?

Change it every flight so far. Not seeing such an obvious difference at other airports yet - so not sure if this is a glitch specific to EGNX or not

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Yep was wondering the same thing. Surely the difference can’t be that subtle between medium and ultra! I’d say that the best way to tell would be to look at the clouds. In my before/after images, there’s much more depth/volume in the clouds afterwards.

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Brief description of the issue:
Even after the “Sim Update 5 Hotfix #2” (v1.18.15.0), you may think you are in Ultra graphics mode but are not.

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I have a maybe very stupid question about this, so sorry beforehand if it is, but did you check if Nvidia Experience center is not automatically optimizing your game settings? Could be that when you restart the sim, that it first looks for this setting and then changes the graphics in the sim accordingly.

It is not, as I indicated several times, I do not even have GF Experience installed. Not yet tested the new hotfix, maybe it is fixed now…

Ok, what a bummer, this issue is NOT fixed with Hotfix 2. Can it be really so hard to make the settings in the menue stick and properly translate to what is used in the sim? I really can not believe that such a basic bug is present in such a product, this is plain ridiculous…