[BUG LOGGED] Settings do not stick since SU5

Ok, also this is a clear negative, setting useropt.cfg does not prevent it

Well done for checking Ank,
Intersting stuff for sure.

Surprised that so little users seem to observe the same issue?

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Thats ineed strange. This could explain the many „graphics degradation“ rants. Im gonna test this now on my end.

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It would be great, if more users could confirm if this is a general issue.


Can confirm!
Checked useropt.cfg, was on ULTRA, values “3” on everything and NOT write protected. Started sim, Menu shows ULTRA, switched to medium, apply. Switched to ULTRA, apply. Boom, finally the correct ULTRA settings! ■■■■, this is a biggie! And explains the ■■■■■■■■ going on about “degraded graphics”

After sim Start on “ULTRA”:

After switching back and forth:


Testing same procedure on Trees, Clouds, etc.

A little later . . .

Well, the Clouds are questionable. Had them set to Ultra anyway - went in to sim swapped them for Med - Apply, Ultra Apply and they look pretty much the same.

Ultra Clouds 1 - as they were anyway when sim started. . .

Ultra Clouds 2 - after the Medium- Apply, Ultra - Apply “Fix”.

An impartial member of the family said Clouds 2 had more detail but I’m doubtful. Although very close inspection does reveal there is more detail in the furthest away clouds near the horizon - particularly those to the right of the runway.

I also observed the buildings on the right - which were the original subject of the thread experiment have retained their Ultra setting from the previous sim session. I had not restarted Windows for the testing sessions - only the sim.

The only change I have made outside of settings in the sim is to the UserCfg.opt - eye adaption 0 - to get rid of that horrible over-exposed look.

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As some of us have found out in another forum, it seems that if you have your graphical settings on ULTRA you are actually not on ULTRA but on a lower quality setting. You can test this at EGNX runway 27. If your settings are really on ULTRA you would see windows and other details on the right-side white buildings. If you don’t see these details, you’re not on ULTRA, even when your GUI indicates you are.

There is a temporary workaround. Load a flight, click ESC and go to GENERAL OPTIONS → GRAPHICS. Now choose the Global Rendering LOW-END profile, click Apply. Then choose ULTRA again, click Apply, GOBACK and resume your flight. Now your visuals are indeed on ULTRA and you should see much more details.

Unfortunately, this workaround has to be applied every flight even if you didn’t leave the sim but only went back to WORLD MAP to choose another location/flight.

Please, if someone with better skills can reproduce it, and may also report to ZENDESK.

Cheers, Harry


Yup, it is the case for me. This may be the reason why some people are happy (using medium) and many are not (using ultimate). It’s hard to believe that this got out the door of Asobo. But, it’s good news in a way as the visuals may not have been downgraded as many first thought.


You clearly found a bug! For me the game is in such a bad state it´s barely playable, so I don´t. But ill see if I can replicate what you found/experience…

Exactly! One can hope, would at least solve one problem

Same here, already posted this in the bug section

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That interesting.

Made no difference at all.


I can confirm its true, Just tested
Sim on high-ultra settings

Sim after applying MEDIUM and them ULTRA:


Some posts from a duplicate thread were consolidated here.

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Thanks, Chris. I saw it too late. Sometimes I’m still a bit confused about the forum structures here. But now they merged it anyway with yours.


There is, no doubt something weird going on. It would seem that sometimes the sim retains the Ultra setting - more often it appears to discard it and replace it with Medium - even though indicating setting is on Ultra.

My experiments applying this on Trees is inconclusive as of yet.

I wonder if we might just be observing LOD Draw errors based on User position in the sim?

To get meaningful data surely this would be reproducible at any airfield - or many, and not just EGNX - which might have errors and erratic LOD draw faults perculiar only to it?

Still, feels good to be trying to do something about the whole thing.


Ok, small update: the setting does not even stick when returning in the main menue. If you start a second flight, again the settings are reduced and you have to run another switch to low and back to ultra. How annyoing is this, seriously?

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Made no difference at all for me i still see the scenery appearing close to me and i see the blurry textures