[BUG LOGGED] Shimmering/AA downgrade since SU5 (in-game, not menus/overlays)

Nice! Can anyone report a difference? I need to install MSFS on my system lol.

I believe SU6 doesn’t drop until 10/19.

According to the Dev Q&As, both SU6 and SU7 will feature a lot of VR improvements. ​DX12 will come by end of year. I’m hopeful that between all that and maybe some new nvidia drivers the issue will be reduced. We’ll see!

I believe those who signed up for the beta can download it now, not sure if there is an NDA again or they can report findings publicly

lots of minor fixes on specific airports, nothing revolutionnary. It is depressing.

I actually tend to wait until DX12 for clouds reflections lighting and AA/shimmer. Before DX12 I don’t expect any major cahnges over these major areas.

this one is more complete

i shared only sections that are related to this issue

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Has anyone tried a complete reinstall of windows and MSFS?

Of course, that’s the simplest thing you can do when troubleshooting. Tried it, same results unfortunately.

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i don’t know if someone joined the beta so he could inform them about this issue on the feedback hub.

Thanks a ton! You just saved me from a lot of frustration and time consuming work.

I really hope for an improvement in SU6, although I don‘t believe it. Fortunately the votes on this topic are gradually increasing and people on Avsim also started to notice it.

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I’ll just add that the only thing that has consistently reduced the shimmer is to increase TAA rendering. On my 1080p screen, the only setting that eliminates all shimmer is TAA 200. Anything less than that and the shimmering returns. [I always test flying out of KCHO at noon; clear skies].

Settings were TAA 200 + LOD 200 for objects and terrain. All other settings off/low. Framerate of course was rough (barely maintained 30fps; GTX 1080 oc’d), but the shimmer was gone.

This is not to say there was no aliasing at all–can’t break the laws of thermodynamics–but the widespread shimmer effect on autogen buildings was eliminated. Switching midflight back to High Settings TAA 100 brought the shimmer immediately and unmistakably back.

(P.S. Also, I personally have never had shimmer on photogrammetry buildings. Only autogen.
This leads me to hypothesize that the issue might not be AA itself, but rather the way the game is drawing those autogen buildings. If it’s using some kind of “fast draw” function that could be causing the issue more than any change to AA code.)


same, no shimmer on photogrametry but only on autogen buildings, i guess from my point of view that draw distance is the cause.

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I have only referred to autogen buildings as well. Which is why I am not convinced that this is wider Nvidia problem, and is something that the MSFS team should be able to fix. Also it only came in with SU5.


I’m in agreement. In the spirit of testing all possibilities, I and others looked into possible issues with nvidia or windows and like others I’ve done clean installs of both. But to me what’s kind of d—ing is the fact that there is a configurable option within the game that affects the shimmer: render scaling. It’s almost as if TAA 200 is the new TAA 100–but only for autogen buildings.

I can’t help but also observe that the Xbox is billed as a 4k gaming machine, though in reality the sim is designed to render at 1440p and then upscale to 4k using temporal reconstruction. Could it be that, in order to get better “4k” performance on that particular console, the developers implemented reconstruction/upscaling procedures that don’t work correctly at sub-4K resolutions? Perhaps this might be why 1080p folks like me and many VR users are hardest hit by this effect?


I flashed my 3080 bios today and reinstalled the driver.
It kinda seems AA shimmering got better. At least in battlefield V I noticed much clearer graphics. There’re some prominent places I got shimmering. Can’t recall I’ve seen them today. FS looked fine too.

But I need to check further.

I also flashed the original 1080Ti BIOS but it didn’t help any.

Nice and no problem. Do you have a link to the AVSIM discussion on this topic?

Perhaps the title of this thread could be changed to include ‘buildings shimmering’ as I’m not convinced this is purely an AA issue. I’m running at 4k and haven’t noticed a degrade in cockpit AA since SU5 but definitely buildings in the mid distance are shimmering now. Also more users may see this thread and if they don’t know what AA is but see the shimmering they may then upvote. @japayannick are you able to do this? (presuming you agree to my suggestion)


I don’t think so. I can clearly see lack of quality (jaggies) on linear edges even on 4K @ 100 render and with Ultra settings. (I don’t have any overclock or custom settings on Nvida or Win side affecting visual quality)

Other than the blurry textures or shimmer on distant buildings I can confirm that some of us dealing with those immersion killing type AA problems so that is why I don’t want to see change of topic title. Other people who suffer the same issue may give their details and share experiences as well.
For example during flights with Nxi I can clearly detect jaggies around comm freq or nav freq boxes on top of the screen. Similar closeby or far distance textures seems a bit jaggy most of the time. It is not like a disaster but it is obvious and seems like 1440p upslaced to 4K or similar.

After SU6 if there wont be any changes on this issue I will try my best to report on Zendesk again.

Kind regards.

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