[BUG LOGGED] Shimmering/AA downgrade since SU5 (in-game, not menus/overlays)

For devolopers:

You can clearly see what we’re talking about on this stream at 4K and 2D.

Exactly same issues happening on our displays (Default settings on Nvida and Win side + All ultra w/4K@100 MSFS + RTX 3080 ti)

Look for the far distance buildings and surfaces of the plane, you may see the shimmer and jaggies (or whatever the technical term you name it)

** This streamer have set render scale to 80 but on my system I have set 100 and have the same visuals. Please don’t assume it’s related to reduced render scaling.

By the way his videos are cool to follow major news regarding the sim so I suggest to have a look on his effort and channel.

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I see this only in the Display of the Reverb G2 in VR, not in the non-VR Mode. See the Video, it was captured with WMR recording. I see the same in the Display, Buildings in medium range are shimmering. It is much more visible in the Display, than on this video because of the Pixel size.


Clearly visible here. It can’t stop blinking, like: reflection, no reflection, reflection, no reflection, as if a spot light is moving around a big circle causing the reflection to appear and disappear more or less because of the change of its incidence angle.


Video taken using my iPhone filming through the lens of my Reverb G2.
Apologies for the slight blur, its hard to align the phone in the perfect sweet spot.
The dark vertical bands are also caused by the iPhone filming through the G2 lens.

And here is another one showing a scene on the ground, with taxiway and runway markings directly in front of the aircraft. Same scene both in VR and in 2D. Shimmering on taxiway and runway markings clearly visible!

VR (filming through HMD):

2D (VR completely switched off, filming directly from the flat panel monitor)

For clarification:
RTX 3080 FE
Reverb G2 (WMR & OXR)
All settings were unchanged from pre-SU5, where this issue did not exist, = perfect picture.
I tried resetting settings, Nvidia CP default, OXR50, OXR100, OXR150.
Render-Scale 100, all settings Ultra, etc. The issue persists regardless of settings.


In case you guys have something to add…

Really good examples, especially the first one of the autogen buildings! That’s what annoys me the most.

Replying to @CptOveurOver

@CptOveurOver It makes more sense to have this discussion here.

I don’t disagree with you. But many have the issue and have documented it.
Hardware and Software (incl. drivers) was completely untouched and the issue appeared with the release of a SU5 hot fix. It’s interesting you do not have the issue though! Did you check out the videos above? As you can imagine, seeing this ruins the experience completely.

Replying to @gordongreig

You have a G2 and do not experience the issues seen in the videos above?
What graphics card are you using?

No so that I notice. I suspect much depends on what settinsg you have in game/in OXR and WMR. I have an RTX 3080. I see it in the menus - very bad a noticeable, but if it is in the sim, then it’s no-where near my top 50 issues.

Interesting. The issue is extremely noticeable to me and may others in this post (as seen in the videos).
I have changed settings more than ever before without effect. (never had to change settings before SU5).


Small correction: the issue did not appear with the SU5 hotfix, but with SU5 itself

I just wanted to add some more resources for the sleuths. I’ve experienced these shimmering issues across multiple titles. Most recently, Skyrim VR featured the same intensity of shimmering as SU5. However, Skyrim SE (which I believe uses the same engine), does not(???). Because this issue is happening across multiple titles, I did some cursory research on updates that occurred in the vicinity of SU5. The feedback given on the Nvidia driver threads is especially relevant, but I included the Windows update as well since it impacted Game Mode.

Again, this isn’t to say SU5 didn’t introduce graphical shortcuts/downgrades (the menu AA issues is an obvious example). But the specific issue of shimmering buildings etc. might be a separate, Nvidia issue.

A timeline of some relevant updates with links:

July 19: Nvidia driver update to 471.41 7/19 (link to feedback thread)
July 27: SU5
July 29: Windows Update KB5004296 (link to update notes; note that it affects Windows Game Mode)
August 31: Nvidia Driver Update 471.96 (link to feedback thread)

Thanks for the timeline, I was also considering the possibility, that it may be a separate issue.
However, when the issue occurred with SU5, I had not done any changes to drivers etc.

For Nvidia Drivers, these can easily be reversed and rolled back to a previous driver. I tried this to no effect.

The windows updates of course, is a different issue. But I did not run any windows updates alongside the SU5 update. Also, I do not use Game Mode.

Either way, I believe that the issue, even if related to a driver or Windows update, was caused by a change in the sim. A downgrade or graphical change may have opened up the possibility of the shimmering issue under certain conditions, when before it did not. This would also explain why some people are not seeing it (apparently). Either way, Microsoft / Asobo need to investigate and fix it, as something about the SU5 updated made the sim vulnerable to the issue.

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Look at that at Frankfurt Airport [Premium Deluxe Version]!!! 2D filmed directly from Monitor. In 3D VR all the green Buildings there in the Background start dancing! Could not film that, WMR did not like me today. But i think this is also caused by the AA Bug.


The video compression is too high and this only shows compression artifacts here.
As for the barrier in the foreground:

Yes, i mean the barrier in the foreground. But in VR you can see a dancing pattern in the green Buildings in the background, extremely good visible.

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Can I just wake up tomorrow and find this thread moved to “solved”? lol.

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The only good to come from this is I am now becoming an armchair expert in anti-aliasing techniques.

For folks with video capture skills, I think the easiest and most consistent aliasing to capture are the edges of the sun visors on the C172. Banking the aircraft results in the edges producing jaggies that run like escalator steps (though interestingly panning the camera does not produce the same effect). This same issue affects similar edges, such as building roof tops. To my knowledge, this is definitely an aliasing issue that’s either being caused by changes to gpu drivers, asobo’s code, or a combination of both.


Further on the topic of the game AA implementation, I also believe there is a bug in the FXAA shader, otherwise it might be this is not a suitable AA algorithm implementation because of:

I’ve been flying a lot more XP11 lately and their FXAA implementation is really working good as a comparison, which allows significant gains of fps especially in 4K where the pixels are so tiny you don’t really need much AA in practice, at least to me.

Maybe while Asobo is looking at this specific AA problem reported here, it might be worth reviewing the FXAA implementation (and maybe even remove the DLAA option which doesn’t bring anything to the table in terms of visuals vs FXAA or performance vs TAA)?


Today i managed to record a video of the Buildings at EDDF (Frankfurt Airport) - you see the pattern. Recorded with WMR. I see the same in the reverb G2.