[BUG LOGGED] Sim intermittently freezes with Reverb G2 since last hotfix


I can not believe that I actually found the problem. I just did 30 minutes of flying over Vienna (LOWW addon airport aswell) without a single freeze. Also no freezes in pancake mode. It is not a GPU related issue, nor RAM. It is a Reverb G2 USB power/connectivity issue.

How to check if you have the same error:
Go to your “devices manager/geräte manager” → Observe if the list refreshes multiple times in random timegaps
If it does open the dropdown menu “audio, video and gamecontroller” inside the device manager.
In there you should see an entry called “Realtek USB2.0 Audio” (you see it when your Reverb G2 is connected). If not wait until the next refresh it should pop up again.

If this happens you have the same issue as I had.

This is the “audio” of the Reverb G2. I always had the suspicion it could be sth. USB related as it is a known cause for FS2020 freezes, but never had that parameter in sight as I focused on the connected USB device list.

I then discovered that at every refresh the “Realtek USB2.0 Audio” disconnected and then reconnected. (visible and not visible in the list)

ONLY when I then decided to plug the G2 into my externally powered USB3.0 Hub (which I bought some time age as the G1 ran better with that aswell) the connection was stable and ALL refreshing inside the device manager stopped. This is the fix.

So in short - If you have the same connecting/disconnecting and refreshing in the device manager as I had make sure to CONNECT THE Reverb G2 to a externally powered USB 3.0 hub or try to find a usb 3.0 port on your mainboard that gives a 100% stable connection that stops the device manager refreshing.

I hope this solution is clear to understand.

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Yes!, I was experiencing the same and I started playing with different USB hubs and I found the 2080TI has a USB port as well, I plugged the G2 in that USB port and the blackouts dissapeared! It seems that the video card current is stable!

Well spotted!

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Yes the RTX2080Ti has its own usbc. Sadly my 3080ti not. But whoever has a usbc outlet on there gpu should try it aswell.


At long last I have got to the bottom of my issue.

As I said all along, nothing to do with hardware.

In the end it was simple…lighting.

I added more bright lighting above/around my rig and no more blackouts…Not One!

It was an issue flagged early on when the G2 released but I never experienced any problems.

What is happening in MSFS is it is periodically losing tracking which manifests itself as a hang/blackout.

I now have zero issues HOORAH!!

yes, I do have the maddening screen halt; see my latest YT vid at the bridge as I tank up to fight the
a NeoPad Fire mission in W. Los Angeles …during the water re-supplys at the bridge, there are huge halts, seconds in duration…is this the type of “freeze”/halt you are talking about? see SBS-3D MSFS H145 B5b 127 NeoFly Firefighting Mission Near L.A. - YouTube There are at least ten or more in the whole video.

…I was following the VR Flight Sim Guy’s recommended “configuration “route., but I definitely have the G2 connected to a 3.0 hub via the G2 Included USB 3 to USB C adaptor. My setup hides my PC in an enclosure, and I am loath to pull it out again…but…to solve this problem, I’ll (god I miss/hate IOS typing correction ) test my MoBo USB C connection…it was flakey before, thus the move to a hub. I’ll keep you posted.

Same problem and changing different usb ports don’t help. I am with the new cable v2 (reverb g2) and same freezes even when loading and the VR is connected but not in vR mode. The GPU goes to 0% then it recovers in some time.
I made this last week 2 flights 2 hours each in vR without any issue. What changed? WMR update and OpenXR. I cannot think about anything more, but deactivating OpenXR still is the same.

I had to change my cable 3 times. When I was in DCS, I never had any problem but all changes came after using it in MSFS. I think there is something inside MSFS that overload the Reverb G2 anyhow… because again problems after using the SIM.