[BUG LOGGED] Tree draw distance reverted back to pre-SU5?


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Tree draw distance horrible again
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Trees draw distance seems to be reverted back to what it was pre-SU5, which means it’s horrible. At Terrain LOD 200 it’s now 5nm in WU6. After it was fixed in SU5 it was 10nm


After SU5 was released:

After WU6 (Current version):

Aren’t they working on a vegetation distance slider option? Hopefully so, and hopefully that will help.

I’ve got the same issue… seems like it may be tied to Render Scaling (I usually keep mine at 65).

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Yes, I see the same problem on my system.

If that’s the case then maybe it will get fixed when the night-lighting bug gets fixed, because that’s also related to render scaling. In the meantime, up-voted for you guys.

bLindyee are you using a 100% render scale? Your devmode render indicator seems to indicate no?

In SU5 screenshot where the FPS meter is visible I was using 80% render scale but in WU6 screenshot it’s 100% render scale.

I don’t think render scale matters in this one.

This is the same for series X. Hopefully it is tied to render scaling and will be hotfixed

I just tested and it doesn’t matter if render scale is in 30% or 200%, no effect to draw distance. Only setting I have found which has effect is Terrain Level of Detail.

Yes, it is obvious that it reverted back to pre-SU5 for northerb latitudes!

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Ah that’s fair enough. Thanks for clearing that up

This may be true. Some locations seem to be worse than others. The UK, for example, is very bad for pop in and draw distance at the moment

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not related to render scale. same here, it’s getting worse the closer you go to the poles

Where is our tree expert, @bijanstudio can you confirm?

Please vote guys! Asobo needs to address this issue. Currently, I run the sim at Terrain LoD slider 200, but still, the trees and buildings wont load anywhere near as far as it does on P3D & X-Plane. Screenshots taken around Hamburg, I have the feeling the Drawing distance gets smaller and smaller with every “update”


It is very noticeable

One of the the best features of the sim is gone. The trees, autogen and textures only render out to 5nm.
Now there is a 5nm circle around the aircraft, beyond which everything looks terrible.

All settings ultra, LOD 200


If the ground textures weren’t so blurry you wouldn’t notice the empty land so much.

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Confirmed that it has been reduced in WU6; although I don’t see it tight to latitude as before. It looks like it has been reduced everywhere but not as bad as SU5.


Voted as well. This is becoming a running gag.


Remember guys, it’s not a downgrade. They’re just “making the sim more accessible” lmao

The nerf creep took less than a year. This thing could end up looking like FSX in the space of 2 years.

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