BUG mouse xbox serie x

the mouse cursor suddenly disappears during my game and I can no longer access my instruments and avionics. Frustrating this often does, I use an optical mouse and I am forced to take the xbox controller in addition or I have to restart the game ! more than tired of paying for this game is so that it works !!!

I don’t have such problems with the optical mouse on the xbox series x

why don’t you have problem and me i 've got this bug ? what kind of mouse are you using ? i can’t explain it .

Do a search (top right of the page) for mouse disappears xbox
There are a lot of threads on the subject.

I also have the same problem as DREAMLINER3796

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@DREAMLINER3796 found this thread that’s related [BUG LOGGED] Losing mouse control on Xbox Series X - #429 by MelvinQuebec