BUG: Multi-engine Propeller Aircraft Fuel Selection Inoperative

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Pay me to be a tester and I will gladly capture videos. Note, I’ve captured videos in the past to submit with Zendesk tickets for bug reports and they were ignored (tickets and videos).

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Fly the TBM930 or Beechcraft 350 and notice shortly after flight the “Fuel Imbalance” warning. The TBM930 should be automatically balancing fuel between tanks when the fuel selector is in the “auto”" position. This does not work as it should.

In the Beechcraft 350, none of the fuel transfer switches or pump switches work, which would be fine if the default behavior was to draw fuel equally between tanks.

The bottom line is that fuel distribution is broken. I can’t believe their aren’t already threads with a lot of votes on this already.

No third party things installed except G1000 Nxi.

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TU5 if I recall Correctly

I haven’t tested the Beech, but I just tested the TBM 930, and the fuel selector changes/works just fine in automatic mode without the NXi mod loaded. So either it’s something in the operation of the NXi or the NXi has a bug that’s interfering with the sim. You might check the NXi thread and see if anyone else is having this issue. I don’t remember seeing it there, but I can’t say I’ve read through/searched the whole thread for this issue.

There’s a reason there isn’t a lot of posts on the TBM auto fuel… :ok_hand:
Just to be sure, tested it with the same mod only.
-Working fine and always has.
-No Issues what so ever.

As Hab said above, remove the G1000NXI and test it. Perhaps it’s corrupted.
Maybe an earlier msfs mod, livery, etc. which is now removed, messed up the Garmin or TBM.
Also have you manually changed any configs?

Suggest you also uninstall the TBM from content manager. restart msfs and then reinstall it.

Unfamiliar with the King Air and the only one I could find was user error Pump


I did find this X-feed and it may help you on your journey to become a paid bug finder/video blogger.

I had this problem long before the nxi mod came about, but will try it.

BTW, I only fly with realism turned to full. That may be a factor. I would bet it works in the easier modes.

I’m only true also.

I only fly with full realism on and never saw this issue. Hope you figure it out.

As a followup, no uninstalling the g1000 nxi makes no difference.

I was able to dedicate some time to troubleshooting this today, and the outcome is that the beachcraft 350 works as it should, but the tbm930 auto fuel just doesn’t work.

The issue with the 350 was that control/key mappings conflicted. Was hoping that fixed the TBM but no.

BTW, you can’t remove and reinstall the tbm930.

Not sure how control/keymappings got intertwined, but probably a side effect of the update they did that caused a lot of peoples settings to change. That would be the update that introduced the “new” way of interacting with knobs – which killed a good number of the knobs that used to work.

But that’s a whole another issue.

You have another issue if you can’t delete the 930. You should be able to Go into content manager, select the 930, and push the delete button. It will reinstall the next time you start the sim.
Hopefully a reinstall will fix the issue.

That’s a negative. While you might be able to delete content that is related to the TBM930, you cannot uninstall the aircraft itself. I have confirmed this across several threads in this board, other boards, etc.

The good news is that I can report that SU8 fixes the TBM930 (and many others). There were a significant number of switches that were previously interactable, which became un-interactable when they rolled out the update that changed the cockpit interactive system.

While I haven’t tested them all, I have tested the ones that really bothered me. Among those, are the TBM930 you could no longer interact with the fuel tank selector (on the center pedestal), and my theory was that is what was making automatic fuel select not work.

Well, now that the fuel selector is back to being interactable, auto fuel select now works.

TL;DR it was a real issue, not user error, and this post is not noise but is valuable feedback of something that was not working.

I just did a CTRL-E startup and on takeoff I got the fuel imbalance warning.