Bug on water runway?

Hello everyone.
In the in game editor for my scenery (PALH), i select water runway NW/SE. If i name the primary runway SE, the secondary (opposite) takes the name NW, ok.
if i name the primary NW, the secondary takes NE…i didn’t have this bug before SU5.
does anyone can confirm ?

There was a bug earlier on with naming reciprocal ends but I think it should have been fixed and is likely something else if this has just shown up in SU5

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Perhaps my memory failand this bug was here also before SU5. Anyway, it is here.

to be more acurate, i observe this bug only with the configuration NW/SE, not with others.
I will fill a Zendesk ticket.
It is not blocking me as the opposite configuration “SE as primary and NW as secondary” is working.

OK - I am away from my dev computer so I can’t test it at the moment

Thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

(it is a project started with MSFS SU4 and modified a lot with ADE for MSFS, and a little with notepad++ for xml)

Are you setting the runway and reciprocal in ADE? Does it show right there but doen’t get translated into Dev Mode or the sim?

No, i had created the runway on FS SU4.
I have assigned the runway name “SE” to the taxiway path (of runway type) running on the runway under ADE.
and it is when i have loaded the project into MSFS (became SU5) that FS has show me an error and i have see the bug NW/NE instead of NW/SE. It is good in ADE.

(sorry for my english, not familiar for me)

Your English is fine :slight_smile:

i confirm, if a take the in sime editor and i create a new runway “NW”, the name is NW/NE instead of NW/SE (an it raises an error if i assign to a runway taxipath the runway “SE”)

Looks like a bug then

Wow… That looks like a F load of tedious work… naming all of those parking and taxiways…I’ve only just got into redoing airports in much need of some very basic TLC… My first iceberg was Auckland Airport and I thought that was mind numbingly repetitive…