Bug or Mistake? - ATC Choosing wrong runway based on Wind

So I’ve been redoing KACK, and all day the winds have been between 260 and 310 (correlated quite well between real and sim). Yet ATC every single time sets runway 15 as the active instead of either 24 or 33. I’ve seen a few planes land on the proper wind direction runway, and one that landed on 15, even though the wind was at 316 at the time at 25 knots according to ATIS (confirmed by the windsocks). I have no idea if the other planes were people or AI.

Point being, I’m wondering if there’s a setting I’m missing that’s keeping 15 the active runway? Or is this just standard fare as of late (a bug)?

KACK does have crossing runways so maybe that is part of the problem?

In the past, I have seen ATC choose the correct runway at KASH based on the winds, but that’s a single runway airport.

Yes this is a little annoying to me too. For my last few flights ATC has given me takeoff runways with a tailwind, or at least a significant tailwind component. But the icing on the cake yesterday was at an “uncontrolled” airfield where I picked the runway I wanted yet the game (not ATC) decided I was going to use the opposite end when I “transmitted” my intentions!
It is possible to takeoff from your runway of choice by selecting it in the World screen, but of course you then have to “spawn” at the beginning of the runway, ready to go. You cannot then change the startup point to a ramp or parking spot without losing your runway preference. That’s no good to me, I want to start “cold and dark”, it’s all part of the realism I’m after.
Strangely it doesn’t seem to be a problem when landing though - all ATC approaches have been either into or with a headwind component.
If there isn’t already a way around it perhaps this should be upgraded to a bug report? What do others think?

Later thought. I’ve been using the Unreal Weather addon, rather than the sim Live Weather option - could this be a reason? I’ll test it out next time.

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Does this happen only to airports where the runways have been replaced or does it happen on default airports. I replaced the runways at CYGK Kingston Ontario Canada and the users are reporting that ATC makes only Rwy19 active, no matter the wind direction, which is an issue with the varying winds due to Lake Ontario. They report that this does NOT happen on the default runways in MSFS.

A obviously am very curious as to how to solve this issue.

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Happens to me on nearly every takeoff at my local strip. We have two runways, and nearly every time it assigns me to the opposite end of the runway I want. The logic rarely decides to assign takeoff on the runway 60 degrees apart from the “main” strip, but I’ve had it happen a time or two. Wind direction doesn’t seem to matter in the least.

(Ours are 01-19 and 31-13.)

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Interestingly, tonight, ATC gave me kind of the right runway, well, rather, not the most wrong runway. Wind was at 296, and instead of 15 it gave me 24. Granted, 33 would have been a better choice, but wind was only 8 knots. But, the good thing is, it didn’t just choose 15 like it had every other time. The only thing I did differently this time was create a full flight plan to another airport before I entered the sim, as opposed to just choosing a departure airport (and staying in the pattern).

I have that when using ATC and simbrief. Flying from EHAM Schiphol simbrief gives me runway 24, while ATC gives me runway 27

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This ATC bug happens to me very often, ironically when avoiding another bug when I have to load up a flight with clear weather then switch to live weather so live weather actually sticks. I just ignore ATC and take off from the right runway, but it sure would be nice if ATC could deal correctly with wind direction in the first place.