BUG When Online funcionality ON


Since SU5 I have a bug freezing the sim every time.

If: General option / Data / Online functionality is ON, the sim freezes when loading any plane. Then: Taskmanager to kill the sim.
If: Online funcionality is OFF, the sim is ok when loading a plane and I can fly with no real weather or any other online functionality. If I put it to ON, during the flight the sim freezes after 1 to 2 minutes, probably when the sim tries to get something thru the online connection.

Any help? I allready tried a lot of things, also reinstalled Win10 and the sim, but it remains the same.

Any help?

Peter LSZH

Did you empty the Community folder?

Yes, its empty.

Have you signed out of the X Box app and back in again (with the sim not running) and then restart the sim.

I think there’s something going on with the servers at the moment anyway as I’m not getting any scenery streamed in some locations.

Reset the Microsoft Store cache.

Press the “Win logo” + “R”
Type WSReset.exe and press “Enter”.
Restart the computer and check.

Yes I have; but the same Bug

Same for me since today out of nowhere. Sim was working perfectly yesterday.
Today every Flight will freeze during load screen wenn online functionality ios on.
Any news?

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