Bug with Camera Control Bindings?

I’m noticing an interesting bug when I try to bind my camera controls in a particular way on my ThrustMaster t16000m.

I want to set button combinations for Cockpit quick views. So, for example, “Cockpit quick view left” would be bound to “button 1 + hat switch left.”

Whenever I set up this binding, however, the following happens: hitting button 1 will immediately activate the left quick view, without hitting the left hat switch.

If I have multiple similar bindings set up, like “Cockpit quick view right” set to “button 1 + hat switch right,” it will always activate the left quick view as soon as button 1 is pressed. I am assuming this is because “quick view left” is the first one in the list of bindings. If I delete the assignment for “quick view left,” then it will activate whichever quick view is highest on the list and has a binding assigned.

I have made sure to delete any other commands associated with these buttons to prevent conflicts.

The same issue does not exist with keyboard bindings. The default keyboard profile has cockpit quick views set to ctrl + arrow keys, and nothing happens when ctrl is pressed by itself.

This isn’t really an issue for me with my current HOTAS, but I have a Logitech yoke on the way, and I’m thinking about how I want to configure its camera controls.

So my two questions are:

  1. Are other people able to replicate this problem with the t16000m stick? And

  2. Are other people able to replicate this problem with the hat switch on the Logitech yoke?

Thanks in advance for any input!