Buggs regarding parking 747, and probably othe Boeing aircrafts to


I found some buggs regarding parking break logic in MSFS2020.



1: The parking brake must release if I depress both brake pedals max.

2: If you continue to hold the brake pedals, the brakes must hold, eaven if you releas parking breake.

3: During a certain speed, it must be possible to set the parking brake. You do not have to stand still in reality.

Regards Jacob Wiqvist

What happend to this? Nothing in the latest update?

Have you also reported this to zendesk? On the forum on a post with 0 votes, it won’t get the devs attention really quick

Yes and they answered me this "Hi Jacob,

We have recorded the bug you have submitted in our internal bug and issue tracker."

1 of April.

I is the same with all brakes in MSFS2020 and the CRJ!

The error is this!

  1. if you press brake pedals and at the same time have parking breake set.

  2. and release the parking brake while still continue to push break pedals.

  3. the error is that brake pressure goes to 0 eaven if you hold the brakes down.

If I cycling the pedals one time I get the brakes back!

Correct, there is a disconnect between the animation and the state of the parking brake. Also in other aircraft visible.

  • Apply parkingbrake
  • See pedal animate downwards
  • Physicly apply brake to a pedal using a connected rudder pedal
  • See a slight glitch in animation
  • Remove physical applied brake from connected rudder pedal


  • See pedal remain in down pressed position


  • See pedal animate towards an unpressed state

The animation is not the most importent thing.

The most important thing is that you press the brake pedals but the plane move forward!

Imagine that when starting a manual car in a uphill, that you press the brake, release parking brake and the car start moving eaven thow you push the brake pedals, and you have to cycle the pedals to get brakes?!

Any news of the parking brakes?