Buggy Bravo throttle qudarant after installing Vatsim

Hoping for some tips here as I just installed Vatsim (vPilot and VATspy) on my PC. I did a flight in a Cessna Longitude and Cessna CJ4 with no issue. However, upon launching my third flight I noticed my altimeter go haywire after calibrating it to the ATIS. It went from indicating the correct altitude to jumping a few hundred feet in negative elevation.

Thinking nothing of it, I then applied reverse thrust using my keyboard to leave parking (pushback feature was being buggy as well) and then realized when I tried to apply throttle with my Honeycomb Bravo quadrant that it instead applied reverse thrust. Thinking this was unique to that session, I rebooted 4 consecutive times and have had the same issue every time in the Longitude where the forward throttle instead applies reverse thrust. I’ve rechecked all of my control settings and they appear correct. I’m really at a loss as to what’s going on here, but haven’t had this issue before using VATsim. Any tips to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

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Go into profiles of the HC TQ and check the reverse axis on the throttles. Most of the videos I have seen set it up this way. I am doing mine this evening, and will try to figure out why then. Hope this helps. Oh, you can delete the bindings and then recreate them, that is another workaround for fixing things which don’t work. I had to reprogram my Joystick from scratch after one of the updates.

Thanks a lot for the tip. I’ll give this a try. Has rendered the sim unusable for the time being.

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