Bugs and issues thread closing after 30 days

I am getting a lot of notices today about bugs and issues thread being ‘completed’.

Looking at the threads it appears they are being auto-closed due to no posts in 30 days.

1). Some of these threads have large #s of votes
2). Users can vote on a bugs and issues post without posting in the thread, if they agree with the OP. So the lack of posts doesn’t mean a topic is obsolete.
3). We have been asked to use search and upvote existing bugs and issues threads to avoid duplicates, but if threads are closed people will just start opening duplicates and again split the votes.

I don’t think the 30 day closure should apply to bugs and issues or wishlist items. It does not make sense due to the reasons above.


yes shame especially cause many bugs is till not fix I guess we have to open the same ones once the update release

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