Bugs that need fixing

Great job, Asobo, and I look forward to your updates to fix the few minor bugs here and there. In case you’re not aware of the following, here are a few I found in my first day of flying…

  1. My logbook is logging all my August 18 flights as August 20. My computer clock is set to my correct timezone (Eastern US) so I can’t figure out what it could be, other than a bug.

  2. ATC voice is intermittent. I’ve read elsewhere that this could be a problem with Azure and overloaded servers, but I’ll keep my ears open. It’s a bit frustrating when I only hear ATC’s third frustrated “Did you hear my last transmission?” and I didn’t.

  3. Ground traffic and workers seem utterly oblivious that they’re being sliced in half by my wings and sucked into my jet engines. Any way you can find to keep them out of the way of aircraft would be welcome, as it’s hard to unsee the type of accidents I’ve been having with them.

  4. Very weird stuff going on with road traffic, with disappearing cars, vehicles floating in midair or sinking into the ground. And I haven’t seen any trains at all.

I’ll watch out for more things. Not complaining of course, - au contraire! Just hoping to be of help perfecting the last 0.001 percent.

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More chance of being heard.

Additionally i want to piggyback and add that (at least on the Diamond DA62) i’m able to scroll the altitude knob to a negative value. I never experienced this in fsx for any aircraft.