Build Airbus A320 cockpit

I think think about building my own cockpit. I will use wood and trying to use the real A320 sizes as much as I can. I will use the thrustmaster airbus quadrant and add on, for painles I will use screens to display the atittude, radar, etc.
Anyone knowa where I can find other hardware compatible with MSFS2020.
Logitech has auto pilot and lights panels but idk if theres better options.
Just want to make it the most realistic possible I was wondering if you guys could know hardware that I dont know

Well, there’s this… I know that they have their own software that they load up and use. But I’m not sure if it’s compatible with MSFS (2020).

A320 flight simulator for private customers - VIER IM POTT (

Not that I have or ever will but for projects like this you need a 3D printer :face_with_raised_eyebrow: