Build Failed - Cannot Create Directory

Has anyone else suddenly encountered an error message (below) when building a package?

Could not create dir ‘C:\PROGRAM FILES\WINDOWSAPPS\MICROSOFT.FLIGHTSIMULATOR_1.10.7.0_X64__8WEKYB3D8BBWE\Packages\PROJECTNAME-HIDDEN\scenery\global\scenery\TEXTURE’, error: The media is write protected.

Whilst I was importing models for the airport I am working on, I went to build the package as normal, and this error showed up.

I have reverted back to a saved backup of my project
I have reinstalled the Sim
I have reinstalled Windows 10

Nope… nothing… still same errors.

I have the game installed on my G: drive (as it was before the error message showed up)
The SDK is installed in the C: drive (as it was before the issue)

I have gone through every file in the project with a fine toothcombe to check if something had changed, and everything is perfect (as it was before the issue)

The only thing I can think it could be is in an update the game now tries to build the package onto the C: drive and not where the game is actually installed?
(I have no clue how the game ‘works’, so I hope someone can enlighten me)

I am also concerned as nobody has posted about this issue anywhere… so maybe it’s just me? Bit of an odd error for something I could have done (eg. corrupted gltf file).

Since last update to, I 'm also unable to build a new scenery package (ArtProj and BGL) with new imported objects from ModelConverterX. I used exactly the same workflow like a few days ago which always has been successful.

When trying to build the package it causes a crash to the desktop without any message in the console.

Updating the SDK to 0.7.0 didn’t help.

I have exactly the same problem !
And updating the SDK to 0.7.0 didn’t help anymore.