Building Textures White

Not sure the right place to post but I have had a few City addons where all the building textures came out white. I think one was Philadelphia I just tried Frankfurt and one in New York can’t recall which one. What causes this? I have tried many addons with out issues so I am at a loss.

Can you show a picture ? Screenshot ?

I haven’t learned to do that yet with MSFS but I can telll you from my experience with FSX and FS9 it looks like the textures are not showing up. All the addon objects are white.

Press Windows-Key + Print-Key

Check out these textures (or maybe easter eggs) on the ATC at LAX.

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LOL that looks like modern art… but this is a classic error in UV coords… there’s a texture file with lots of different texture parts of the airport… they put (0,0,width,height) of the entire 21MB texture file for that rectangle, as UV-coords ! You see all the company secrets :stuck_out_tongue: and also… if there are too many faulty rectangles like this, you get a lower FpS ! it has to pump all that data to the GPU…

Is this a purchased addin, or the official LAX airport ?

I have the Premium Deluxe version of MSFS 2020, no LA International addons I know of.

Aha official… nice find… Put a scenery error, I would say…

…when there are more places with this kind of error, it could affect performance… and it is quite easy to solve UV errors. Add the NavMap (zoomed in !) to your screenshot, so they know where exactly the error is located on LAX airport… it looks like on the edge of a building somewhere (?)

Nice one. Perhaps that helps to explain why the performance in this part of the sim world is so hard on my poor overworked computer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If that’s in the stock scenery @usb7777048, recommend reporting to Zendesk… something Asobo should know about (and will probably cause some red faces too…)

Here is a picture of Philadelphia
Looks like missing the textures this is the Downtown Philadelphia addon from this site.

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