Buildings appear transparent at some large airports Xbox S since SU11

Hello, does anyone else have it happen on Xbox that when loading large airports the terminals do not appear? Only the boarding gates appear but the building appears transparent, it happened to me in Kai tak, Barajas, Barcelona and Las Americas in Dominic Republic, I doubt it’s a developer problem because it has happened to me with 3 different developers including the default FS airport like Kai Tak ​​but in smaller airports (from other developers) no problem, it also happens that the surface textures load badly while I fly and they look blurry. maybe it’s my connection problem? when I reload the scenario in some it is solved and in others it persists, it had never happened to me before Thank you

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thank you :smiley:

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Yes, same here in LEMD Adolfo Suarez Airport

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This has been happening to me at Kai Tak