Buildings much too high still in Patch

It has not been fixed at my location (Vancouver Island).

Some locations better, some not…

Edit: Japan update fixed it…

Community mod still works for me…

Edit… not required after Japan update

Edit: the japan file updates fixed it!

Removed all files from the community folder before updating. Tried my home airport just after the update and the tall buildings were gone :slight_smile: Quit the sim and reloaded again and the tall buildings were back!

Cleared the cache, re-booted, manually updated Japan & the free Aerosoft Padenborn (optional) in the content manager, quit and reloaded and the offending tall buildings were gone. Reloaded the sim again just to be sure and everything is still fine.

Hope this helps

For me the fix also still works. So i dont care what Asobo did or not did. I will play with the fix and good

PS: Conent Manager was up to date after the update. So no Japan Content to download

There is a valid point brought in the last posts, here is.

The community fix is correcting the building height in removing the offending entries left over in 1.9.3 release. However, if you read my proof of concept post near the top of this discussion, it was made clear the Japan DLC also included its own copy of the same file, with the same extra entries, but also with Japan specific buildings definition.

The community fix I’ve made is the original file + the Japan specific buildings all-in-one so that a single fix corrects both of them at once.

Now when I’ve updated to 1.9.5 I’ve noticed there are 2 Japan related updates which I’ve had to update manually. I believe if the global building file has the fix but you’re still having the older Japan DLC building file, it will re-introduce the tall buildings because the Japan DLC file has precedence in this case.

I’m certain once you’re manually updating the Japan related DLC in the Package Manager, you’ll find out the buildings are now fixed in v1.9.5!


Yes it does, here are the same locations as in my screenshots above. As you can see, with the community fix applied it matches the real world in the Google Earth screenshots, except for that one huge building in the first shot. That is wrong either way:

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Exactly :wink:

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Since last update ( local town in the North east of England has sprung skyscrapers everywhere! It use to be pretty accurate and impressive before this release, now I don’t even recognise the town i live in anymore… sort it it out please!

Yes my home town Chester-le-street has also got some nice new skyscrapers. There is a community fix to get the buildings back to normal

I’ve read that some members have resolved this issue by clearing the rolling cache.

Ah the Beamish museum…and the shop that sells old-fashioned sweets, especially the sour plumes and liquorice

Fond memories of seeing Lindisfarne in a scruffy pub in South Shields debuting their new single “Fog on the Tyne”.

Fower feds please landlord!

Fed beer, great brain numbing stuff

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please read:

Hot dang! I can confirm that! Here are the same three spots again, now with the community fix removed but the (tiny) Japan updates in the Content Manager downloaded manually. Fixed indeed! Thank you!


Okay Guys. I found the solution. For some reason the distribution file in the folder bf-pgg was not updated automatically. I deleted the whole folder bf pgg manualy and started the Game. The Game then downloads the missing Content Automatically and see: NOW it works

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CptLucky8 found a more elegant solution above :wink:

Yes but now it works without Cpt Luckys hotfix in the Community Folder for me

Patches seem to be making the sim worse rather then better. Very concerning

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