Buildings on Runways in Australia

After a successful multi player flight in Australia tonight, I flew single player to Charters Towers, Queensland (YCHT), where I was surprised to see a building near the piano keys on rwy 06. It’s quite big and obstructs the runway and thus the approach.

Not to be deterred, I changed location to Inverell, NSW (YIVL) and what do you know, we have buildings on the gravel runway 04.

A short flight to Armidale, NSW (YARM) and the tarmac and taxiways, even though the correct dark colour, are covered in grass, with no taxiway lighting. This is not the case in real life, they are asphalt, with lights. YARM is also missing it’s PAPI lights, which are present in real life.

Maybe someone in Asobo will edit these one day. Give the thread a vote if you have ever flown to these places.