Bumpy taxiing with 787

I realized that if I spawn right on a runway I can taxi and takeoff without bouncing around, but if I spawn at a gate this always happens and it doesn’t matter which airport I’m at. Still there are many videos online where this doesn’t happen.

@Nyx1819 I’ve also experienced bumby taxiways but I think what @cachs tries to say is that the 787 taxi’s like the parking brake sets itself on and off every 0.2 seconds or so. This causes the nose gear to bounce like riding over speedbumbs. The faster you get the bigger the jumps.

I noticed this during my last taxi as well, I’m not sure why I haven’t seen it earlier.

I just found out that if you reduce the weight & fuel to a minimum (<10% each), the jumps will disappear. Right now the only way to overcome this is to change the amount of weight & fuel mid flight after takeoff and before landing.

Same problem here, everywhere I use it hops down the taxiway.

Discovered to stop this have to lower load, fuel etc. SO basically if you fuel it up, it occurs (for me). Not much of an issue at the moment as its burning an incorrect rate so you can under fuel and still fly decent distances. However if the fuel burn is corrected in the next patch, then this issue at least for me would prevent me from using this aircraft.

I see this behavior almost every 787 flight (6 completed do far). It also begins to rotate by itself around 130kts, even if max payload, no need to rotate it at all. It is also very trimmed-up on landing to the extent that it will want to tailstrike during the rollout so until < 100kts slight forward pressure is needed. This is a ‘Premium’ plane? I hope they finish it because its far from finished in its current state. Most of the systems are inop and even the chrono doesn’t work?! Oh dear.

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Okay so I double-checked and I couldn’t find a thread on this issue in the #self-service:bugs-issues section, so I have moved this one over. Please take the time to hit the VOTE button when you get the chance.

@Nyx1819 Sorry, I did not understand, what do you mean with hit the VOTE button? Where is that button and what is it for?

@Nyx1819 Forget my last comment, I found it :man_facepalming:t2:

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Relating to 787 model, this thread - B787-10 Dreamliner - That Ground effect though

This is what I am talking about :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

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giving it that soul

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The bump occurs when you put heavier fuel load in the aircraft.

the current workaround is to enable Unlimited Fuel, then load up with 30 percent or less fuel. You should be able to taxi with good stability. Once you’re on the air and cruising, open up the weight page from the top menu, and add the remaining fuel in.

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Welcome to the party!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks Neo, I will give it a shot, anyway, it should be fixed.

My turning circle on the 787 is absolutely abysmal

Turning circle was abysmal in the launch, but the 1.8 patch actually improved the turning circle (Assuming you don’t have the thrust bug occuring at that stage). Otherwise, I’ll just use the differential left/right wheel brake to turn sharper.

It seems if your weight/payload is heavy (higher %), then it causes the bumpy “square wheel” taxiing. As far as turning, after the previous patch, my 787 has been turning much better. I’m using the default 78X by the way.

Upgraded to version unable to make 90 degree turns on the taxiway with this 787 model. What .cfg fix am I missing, if any? and moving on the ground with 38% fuel 97% payload the plane is bouncing by itself, as described in the above video

Exactly the same. One of the 10 reasons why I have quit trying to fly it.

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The workaround is available here: