Burbank to Catalina Island

With the recent flurry of aircraft releases for MSFS, I’ve been neglecting my old favourite PA28R from JustFlight. Today I took her up for a shakedown flight from Burbank, around the Los Angles terminal flyway routing to Catalina Island.

Both airport sceneries are from Orbx, having used KBUR as my West Coast sim base for a while- but only picking up KAVX recently thanks to a Steam pressy card gift for Christmas. This flight today was my first time seeing it in the sim. Needless to say, it looks just as good on my system as it does in the Orbx promo screenshots!


Very nice! Burbank and Van Nuys are two that I fly out of. Made the Catalina flight (Orbx) many times. Always a beautiful flight.

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The Orbx Van Nuys is on my wishlist too! I loved the One Six Right: The Romance of Flying documentary. One of the best aviation films ever put together in my opinion. :bowing_man:

Yes, very good indeed! Hopefully someone does Whitman (WHP) and Santa Monica (KSMO) airports.

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