Burnham Pier, Somerste, UK. Freeware released

Hi all,

Another pier hits the shelves from my ongoing project. This time it’s Burnham-on-Sea.



Cheers Keith, how many down and how many remain to do now?

Great work, thank you.

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I think i am almost half way so plenty to do yet!

Added all of them, great work on all I have used so far.

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Hey Keith. Is it possible for you to create a folder on flightsim.to for ALL your piers in one pack, like AlroCreation has for his lighthouses?

It would be so much easier to install if it was a single file.

Unfortunately it’s a lot easier for lighthouses as they dont use stock lighting, parked cars etc However once I have finished them all I will look into it. If you use addons linker its not so much an issue and also gives the flexibility of only loading in the ones you need for the flight you a making.


I need to learn how to use add on linker. Right now I just put everything in the community folder, with about 80 folders in there now.

It is very easy , you can setup folders for whatever, countries, airports, liveries,scenery etc. Then you can either click to use the whole folder ir you can open the folder and click to use individual iems. It makes things much simpler for when updates arrive too.

Search for MSFS Addons Linker