Burning Blue Design Airports CTD!?


I bought Headcorn airport and really like this airfield. Have no problems with it.
So I bought Popham airfield had a few CTDs but it worked it self out …Really like this one too.
Since these airfields where so good I purchased thier White Waltham.
Now I get CTD every time ! So I got rid of everything in community folder …still CTD.
I uninstall Waltham and no CTD . Anybody elese have this issue?
I tried to get hold of BBD a few times but they go through Discord and never answer me.
Very frustrated!

Hello @ChristAlone9866 .

Were these airports purchased through the MSFS in-game marketplace?
If yes, the airports may not be stored in the community folder, but can be removed through the in-game content manager.

There is also a Content.xml file in the MSFS LocalCache folder.
You could check if the airports are still listed in there, to make sure that they have been removed completely.

I purchased them through Burning Blue’s website…

Thank you for the information.

I can not help you with your issue,
but I will move your topic to #third-party-addon-discussion:airports , as this seems to be 3rd party content specific.

How many other addons do you have in your community folder? Have you tried removing all the others? Does it still CTD then?

Personally I use Addon Linker and install all free addons away from my community folder, the only things in my community folder is the content I’ve paid for and therefore the content I value the most.

Whenever I’ve had CTD’s in the past it has been free addons and I unlink those through addon linker and the CTDs stop. I then add them back gradually until I find the culprit.

SU5 will surface more of these I’m sure. So today before I started the update I removed all links and renamed my community folder… just in case.
Over the next couple of days I’ll start looking for updates and gradually add content back

Also as I said on your other post, I have all of the Burning Blue design airports and never had a crash with them. FPS drops, yes, crash no.

I will try the addon linker
Thank you!