Burning Blue Design White Wiltham CTD

Purchased the White Waltham airfield by BBD and it Crashes to Desk top when I pick it to fly out of.
I also have Headcorn airfield form them with no issues.
Im at a loss

That is strange? I had a few issues with their Headcorn and Lydd airfields, as they’re using a generic MaterialsLib folder hame which conflicted with another third party airport. Not had any issues with their White Waltham airport though, that worked fine for me.

I expect it’s a scenery conflict, do you have Rex or Zinertek airport texture enhancement packs?

I’ve got all of the BBD airfields and have experienced no CTDs with these. Had quite a few flights out of each. Check you community folder for conflicts if you can. Unfortunately that will mean removing add-ons one at a time until you find the culprit.

Yea I do have REX, I have uninstalled it but still crashs
The other two airfields work fine ( Headcorn and Popham)
Its wierd