Bush Divers Idaho bush strip challenge

Friday September 15th 1900Z East U.S. Server
We’ll start at Rogersburg (D69) on the Snake river along the Washington/Idaho border. Plan on cruise speeds around 110 knots with the highest points around 8,000 feet.
Along the way we’ll land on quite a few fairly short grass/dirt strips, many on slopes.

To join our Discord: Bush Divers
To join: just turn up at the starting airport ( D69) in a suitable aircraft. Have MSFS multiplayer on, name tags on, and join the Discord “Friday-Flyday Event Chat” voice channel. You can load the flight plan if you like, or just follow the group.

Download this package and follow installation instructions below:
Find your Community content folder.
(check here for help: Flightsim.to - Knowledge Base)
Open the zip file, and copy the folder KRON_MahoneyCreek into this folder."

I’m providing updated/improved flight plans, attached below.

VFR Rogersburg (D69) to Marble Creek (ID8).pln (7.0 KB)
VFR Rogersburg (D69) to Marble Creek (ID8).lnmpln (4.5 KB)


Hey @RandyWA :grinning::wave:

That sounds like an amazing flight!
Is it ok to join you without much bush flying experience? I’m pretty new to the game and don’t want to ruin your experience if I’m doing something wrong :see_no_evil:

Looking forward to fly with you on Friday :+1:
Chris :grinning:

Sure. I’d pick something easy to fly and if a landing strip looks too difficult just circle it instead of landing. If you crash, just press the “Y” key once to set yourself upright , and then press it again to return to normal operation.

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Sounds good, I’m excited! :grinning::heart_eyes:
See you on Friday! :grinning::wave:

I wish these events were on Sunday mornings!! :confused:

nice! luv this

First we would have to know your time zone to see if it would work with one of the people that usually lead our group flights… then we’d have to determine how much interest there was and it might require moving the Friday event to Sunday morning