Bush Divers Southern Sierra excursion -- Friday March 1st 20:00 UTC

SE Asia Server 226 nm Cruise 120 knots
This Friday we’ll tour the high country in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, including a fly-by of Mt.Whitney. “Crowning those granite behemoths is Mount Whitney, the loftiest peak in the lower 48 states, which scrapes the sky at 14,505 feet. Besides its chart-topping height, what distinguishes Whitney from other California “fourteeners” is the world-famous hiking trail leading to its summit.”
Several off-airport landings including one that’s only possible using live weather to enable a frozen lake landing area ( Martha Lake at 11,100 ft above sea level ASL)
The route begins at SCL9 Johnson Field ( 1280 ft ASL ), climbs to over 14,000 ft and ends at StovePipe Wells L09 at 25 ft ASL in Death Valley.
To join: just turn up at the starting airport in a suitable aircraft.
Have MSFS multiplayer on, name tags on, and join the Discord “Friday-Flyday Event Chat” voice channel. You can load the flight plan if you like, or just follow the group.

To join our Discord

Flight Plans:
VFR Johnston Field (5CL9) to Stove Pipe Wells (L09).pln (15.5 KB)
VFR Johnston Field (5CL9) to Stove Pipe Wells (L09).lnmpln (9.2 KB)

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That will be fun. Thank you.

I can’t find that chat on Discord. Maybe an invite link would help?

The Discord invite link is right above the picture of the flight plan …it’s in blue and says to join our Discord