Bush Divers take amphibians through the Northern Cascades - Friday June 14 - 19:00 UTC

This week we’re taking amphibians through the Northern Cascade range from Washington state into British Columbia. 110 knots cruise speed. Bring a Kodiak, Beaver, C172, Porter or other amphib.
SE Asia Server – Highest elevation 9,000 ft. From 3W5 Concrete to CBB7 Tipella.
Five lake landings.

To join: just turn up at the starting airport in a suitable aircraft.
Have MSFS multiplayer on, name tags on, and join the Discord “Friday-Flyday Event Chat” voice channel. You can load the flight plan if you like, or just follow the group.

To join our Discord click here

Flight Plans:
VFR Concrete Mun (3W5) to Tipella (CBB7).pln (10.7 KB)
VFR Concrete Mun (3W5) to Tipella (CBB7).lnmpln (6.7 KB)