Bush Divers visit the Douro River Valley of Portugal - Friday July 5th 19:00 UTC

SE Asia Server - 180nm – up to 4k feet. LEAA to LPIN 120 knots cruise speed
The cradle of Port Wine: The Douro River Valley of Portugal is a very scenic trip between rugged and forested hills. At the extreme East on the border to Spain we’ll be going through grape districts and ending in 20 nms of photogrammetry Porto (Oporto). Plenty of opportunity to show off your under-the-bridge and power cable dodging skills. Over 20 bridges, some of them in Porto incredibly detailed, and lots of power cables crossing the river. Some 180 nms from the Spanish border to the Atlantic shores in Porto. Plenty of off field landing possibilities.
To join: just turn up at the starting airport in a suitable aircraft.
Have MSFS multiplayer on, name tags on, and join the Discord “Friday-Flyday Event Chat” voice channel. You can load the flight plan if you like, or just follow the group.

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Flight Plans:
BDI_Douro_River.lnmpln (14.2 KB)
BDI_Douro_River.pln (24.9 KB)