Bush flight with VFR freezing

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After starting my first bush flight from Rijeka to Santorin, only a few minutes later the screen freezed. I could kill the game with the taskmanager and restart. The bush flight startet where it was frozen. But the NavLog was empty. Some minutes later another freeze. Killing with the task manager worked and restart took me to the same place, where freezing occured. NavLog remained empty.

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After some restarts I realized, that freezing occures, when the VFR window was active. I closed it. Then the bush flight goes on without freezing, but also without any navigation support. Except that of the pink arrow of the Garmin Navigator, which remains functional. After restarting, the activity list still remains empty. As I found out, that bush flights are closely related to scavenger hunting games, it would be essentially to know about the items listed on the NavLog activity. Otherwise, a flight following the Gamin route is only limited interesting. And finally, the Gamin route does not end at Santorin, as expected, but directs its next waypoint to a place more than 10 nm to the east, which is somewhere close to Turkey, which I did not want to figure out, where it was.

So, I have read about issues with VFR and CTD/freezing, without providing a solution. Maybe, I missed it. So, sorry… And track me to the solution, please.

Second, I would like to know, how to reactivate the NavLog activity list after FS crashes, just in order to take part in this bush flight game. Today, I found out, that when I let the VFR by minimizing and opening again reside in a window, which is not decorated from the simulator but from Windows directly, it looks like being stable. But I am not sure, how long this will be true, as I finally stopped in Santorin today. At least, it was stable for more than one hour before landing.

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