Bush Flying In The Jungle: West Papua | Grand Caravan

Flew this plan on my own today in the X Cub. Loved it. Thanks for putting it together. Looking forward to what else you come up with.

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Mulia is crazy! Too bad it’s just a bug, though. I watched some videos of the real Mulia, and it’s a pretty flat landing strip. I hope they don’t fix it in MSFS, it was much more fun this way!

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I literally just flew into this airport prior to writing this…did the exact same thing…skidded down 9 full reverse and brakes and overshot into the grass…was quite fun haha

If only the reversers were a little more effective than a small child blowing out their birthday candles. :wink:

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A long overdue montage of this awesome flight, just to close this year with something upbeat. Enjoy!