Bush Missions Navigation Doubt

Hi, I am currently doing one of the bush missions, the one of Cerro something with the XCub, I did great from leg 1 through leg 3 with AP on in NAV mode, the plane was following the white line very good, I landed in leg 3 and went back to main menu to see how the saving works, clicked in continue and when I spawned I spawned exactly where I left the plane, I took off and when I turned AP on with NAV mode I realized the waypoint was saying it was 30+ nm in the opposite direction so I had to start flying visually with the map and with Heading Lock mode, the NAV mode seemed to be wrong like it was not realizing I was in the third leg but it appeared it was trying to bring me back to the very start, I erased the waypoint form the computer and inserted the next leg´s aiport code and kept flying, Im trying to avoid just flying in a straight line at 10k altitude to just complete the bush flight, is this a problem of mine or a bug? Also I know I can click the bring me back on track option but since I believe I did nothing wrong I dont want to lose the trophies and extra points for flying without game help. thanks in advance guys!

Bush flights have been broken in the way you describe since SU5 I’m afraid. If you choose to continue on at the end of a leg then things are fine as you describe. If you want to quit you should start the next leg first then quit on the runway at the start of the next leg. This seems to put you back in the right place with your Garmin still programmed the next time you load the bush trip. Please put a ticket in with Zendesk to move these problems up Asobo’s priority list of things to be fixed if you have not already done so!

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will do mate, thanks!