Bush Trip Breckenridge to Mariposa no JOY

Before starting this rant My Game setting are set to Ultra or High.

I am trying to fly the bush trip Breckenridge to Mariposa and I am starting to get feed up with it. I fined that the terrain that I am flying over is not even close to what is depicted in the leg photo in many cases. I am on leg 18 so I have been finding my way. When I have a problem I usually can find my way using Google Earth, this is not perfect but I can follow the mission profile on my tablet to plot my course, but again the terrain is quite different in the sim. The biggest problem is when the airfield is not paved. So fare the field is just a big brown Rectangle. One of the worst examples So far is Leg 13, Herlong to Black Rock City. The terrain is a salt flat so no brown patch and the mission description said an arrow pointed the way. Using the mission photo the arrow is made up of roads coming together in a triangle shape. In game the indicated pattern of roads did not exist. The only way I was able to find ware to land was flying low to the ground and seeing an aircraft parked on a gray kind of rectangle patch amongst several other paths.

Now what brings me to this rant! Leg 18 Susanville to Bodad airstrip. The photo is not very clear and doesn’t make the runway clear. However Google Earth show the field clearly and shows roads intersecting In a “A" shape that point. Also GE only shows a foe roads in the location. The in game train has a mismatch of roads going every witch way. And before ask I am positive that I am flying in the correct area but no mater what field I land in No JOY!!!

I would truly love any feed back on this.
What am I missing?
Oh When I am flying outside of the Bush challenge the terrain is fabulous.

I had this exact issue as described for Black Rock – Somehow the Bing Data World graphics was toggled to off in Data – I set it to on – and it started matching what I was seeing in other vids … hope this helps

Here’s a good primer on pilotage and dead-reckoning navigation. Having an actual map (paper or digital) helps a lot.

The reduction of MSFS graphics quality doesn’t help.


Thank you UmopD

That was it Exactly. So much better!!

Sim switches it to OFF when it says your bandwidth is to low. Pfft