Bush Trip - can't start next leg

Unable to start next leg on a bush trip.

I started the Los Cerror to Patagonia, finalized the leg one and two, logged out of the program and turned of the computer, next day I wanted to resume the flight at leg 3, It started with the plane on the runway but I was not able to start the aircraft and continue flight, I restarted Flight Simulator and went to bush trips again but with the same result, third time I tried the trip started from the beginning, I got leg 1, 2 and 3 done and ended for the day, next day the same happened but now when trying to start at leg 4.

Same thing happened with the Breckenridge to Mariposa Yosemite trip. tried it four times now!

Normal flying works ok, only bush trips are effected.

I have:
i7 processor
32 Gb RAM
1 Tb SSD as a boot drive another 1 Tb SSD dedicated to MSFS

Asus GTX1060 Graphics card

Any suggestions on what to do is apretiated

I have been enjoying my Bush Trip along the Adriatic. However tonight when I planned to fly the leg to Tirana I found that the little plane logo was showing against the first leg again. All my previous legs were ticked as completed but it wouldn’t allow me to fly the Tirana leg.

As the first leg was relatively short I flew it again thus hoping to unlock the Tirana leg. No such luck unfortunately. I am loathe to start all over again. Any suggestions?

Have you tried clicking on the next leg up that you want to fly? If you have flown the first two legs, click leg three over on the right-hand side to select it. If you click a leg you haven’t flown yet, the “Continue” button will be dimmed out and is not clickable. If you click a leg you have already completed the “Continue” button changes to “Restart From”.

Do you need to land everytime in order to complete a leg? Or can you fly for ex leg 1,2 and 3 and land only at 3? Will it then consider 1 and 2 as compmete, too ?

I assume you need to land each leg. Otherwise you could fly a direct route from the start to the final destination. Where’s the fun in that? :wink:

I don’t think you could fly the direct route…the fuel capacity of the cessna isn’t big enough for that :wink:

Found that it works if i restart from previous leg for a few minutes then exit back to the bush trip and select the one with the issue, a workaround but it works for me :+1:t3:

I am landing for each leg, problem was to start next Leg after shutting down the computer for the night

Fule is not an issue, i have mapped a key To refule when needed,