Bush trip corrupted

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Brief description of the issue: no navlog info any more’

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navlog empty in patagonia
é last legs in balkan bush trip only at night

Same issue here.

Balkan trip went well until I got to leg 15, which I had to do during the night without lights on the destination runway. I know it is a bug, but I have to admit that the extra unexpected challenge was fun. I did find the runway and landed.

But now for leg 16 I don’t have a navlog. No instructions or flight plan makes it a bit difficult to finish this trip.

A video I recorded with the issue.

It’s good to learn to fly at night and to navigate also. But that’s not the purpose of a bush trip!
I reinstalled the file in the appropriate folder and could finish the job by day with the navlog.
good luck.

I Have a similar issue with the Bordeaux to Mont Blanc Bush Trip Leg 8. Was working fine yesterday
Did not make any changes
The Flight begins at night. Nav log opens and is completely blank. Is this an issue with night flights?
Flight Simulator
Win 10 Pro Version 21H1
Build 19043.1023
AMD Radeon RX 5700
Driver 27.20.21003.8013
AMD Software 21.5.2

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I’m having this issue with the Nevada trip. Someone in an above response mentioned fixing it by replacing a file, but I don’t know which one.

It’s in community folder when the game is installed with steam. I’ll check it out when I’m back at home. Best regards.

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I resolved my problem with with the Bordeaux to Mont Blanc Bush trip, I redid my previous leg, I started the following one, exited there. Kind of suggests reloading a previous FLT file. Annoying that someone has top copy files or fly through hoops.

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I’d hesitated to fly the previous leg again because it was a particularly long and uninteresting one, but if it will fix the problem, I’ll do it. Thank you.

Je n’arrive pas à refaire le plein. la Coche carburant n’est pas active.
Quelqu’un a une solution?