Bush Trip Germany Leg 2: engine not running at start

Usually, engine is running at the start of a new leg, but in Germany Bush trip leg 2, engine stops after a few seconds. Following warning are flashing: low volt, oil press.
Try to restart the engine. Runs for a few seconds and then stops…

Run out of fuel maybe?

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Why would a bush trip leg start without fuel?
In the very unlikely case it is, how do you refuel on FS 2020?

Bush trips do not replenish fuel on each leg, so if the overall trip is long enough, you will run out. Since refueling at airports does not work in bush trips, you will need to use the “Repair and Refuel” keyboard shortcut.

Some planes also require you to switch fuel tanks, such as the XCub. I learned that the hard way when I ran out of fuel at 50% remaining :laughing:

You need to switch from the EMPTY left fuel tank to the FULL right fuel tank.

thank you all!
after replenishing fuel at the airport, everything was fine again!

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