Bush trip interesting discoveries

The 1st waypoint (POI7) of the second leg of discovering Denmark bush trip is Langesø lake, which shows a bearing of 240º at 13.77NM from Roskilde Airport. However, the real crescent-shaped Langesø is actually west-northwest of Odense (the left-most red pin). I guess the creator of this bush trip mistook either of the two lakes in the red oval as Langsø.

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Another one is Karlsvatnet (68.22188° N, 14.43437° E) in Norway.

This has nothing to do with the bush trip itself. It was the first time I see a lake protruding from the ground. A lot of them are present in Iceland. Must be something to do with elevation data.

Thanks! I am also seeking other interesting discoveries in bush trips from others too.

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No photo but flying the Yosemite bush trip it takes you to Black Rock city where burning man is held in the Nevada desert each year. Just this week I found a neat scenery add-on for that airport including a burning man statue.